Harvest Moon and Mabon Magick

Service Offerings

  • For those local to Orlando, Florida. At request, some variation of these services can be made virtual via Skype call for those who live elsewhere. All sessions are held outdoors in nature to assist in healing and grounding the body through connection with Earth.
  • Email mindysheppardspa@gmail.com to book your session and rekindle your connection to your highest self.

Spiritual Renewal

Approximately 90 minute session divinely crafted to release blocks, renew your spirits, and replenish your aura so that you can magnetize all the blessings you wish to manifest into your life.

  • Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation, and intention setting
  • Energy Cleansing with sacred herbal tools such as palo santo, white sage, and mugwort.
  • Reiki session tailored to your energetic body’s individual needs.
  • Tarot Reading to reveal blocks and understand the current situation followed with an Oracle card pull to reveal the best route to bring harmony into your life.
  • Closing with a gift bag with supplies for an individualized ritual for you to take home as homework.
  • $95.00 energy exchange
  • Goddess Reconnection

    Approximately 90 minute session designed to reconnect you with your divine feminine essence so that you can embody you truest self.

    • Divine Feminine Guided Meditation
    • Energy cleansing with sacred herbal tools such as mugwort, white sage, and palo santo
    • Reiki session focused on Sacral Chakra and also anywhere that you are experiencing blocks.
    • Goddess Oracle Reading
    • Closing with a gift bag of Yoni steam herbs, Sacred Bath Ritual supplies handpicked for you, and Abhyanga Oil (self massage oil) made with an herbal blend to balance your sacral and root chakras and align you with self love.
  • $95.00 energy exchange