Top Five Makeup Brands You Didn’t Know were Cruelty-free

Surprisingly, many of the most popular makeup brands you see browsing in Ulta and Sephora are 100% cruelty-free. For me as a makeup artist, knowing this information it seems ridiculous to use any brand that tests on animals, being there’s such a wide array of other options. If it’s truly beautiful, how can it harness the ability to harm another? It wouldn’t. With that being said, here are five amazing choices that will enable your harmless vanity to rise.

1. Kat Von D makeup


2. Tarte Cosmetics


3. Urban Decay


4. Too Faced Cosmetics


5. Anastasia Beverly Hills



Become conscious of the products you’re purchasing, the impact they have on our world, and the way they affect creatures within it. Hopefully this article has helped to demonstrate there a definitely quality brands available that keep this idea in mind when shaping their company standards.


Wishing you beauty,

Mindy Sheppard





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