10 Ways to Let That Shit GO

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Mindfulness is a crucial part of sustaining your wellness throughout the midst of a busy day stuck in traffic, running errands, dealing with computer telephone operators, juggling a social life, career, and family. It takes a lot of awareness into your body, and your emotions to maintain a balance when trying to complete all of these things. This awareness helps you to know when your body is being overworked, so you can slow down. It also helps you to remain calm in stressful situations so you can handle them as eloquently as possible, and not create more problems for yourself by having a sudden mental breakdown. This mindful awareness does not include overthinking.

The masked killer of your happiness& sneaky smuggler of your joy, overthinking grabs one thought in your mind and unravels it into a million possibilities. Making no room for appropriate thoughts, and productive mindfulness. It’s a void absorbing you into your anxieties…

But, you let it.

Maybe your too tired to fight it, as it grabs you by your mind’s eye and distorts your intentional thinking turning it into the act of manifesting your worst nightmares. Your thoughts create your reality so, how can you clear away the fog from your perceptive third eye so that you can focus on the good things a little bit more?

Silhouette Woman Practicing Yoga In Lotus Position

  1. Step outside into nature, no phone, no technology and just breath. Walking barefoot on the Earth is one way to calm the mind being the Earth has a electrical grounding energy that has the ability to reconfigure the electrical central nervous system. (Just as a grounding plug would in any outlet in your house)
  2. Exercise! Moving your body will rush the blood into your limbs moving energy from the mind into your senses. Also, endorphin’s& dopamine are released by your pituitary gland creating a feeling of blissful happiness as pain melts away.
  3. Meditate on your breath and allowing your thoughts to float by you. Meditation is a beautiful tool to shift your focus, and clear your mind to revitalize you during your lunch break when you need to realign most! Focus on your breath, and begin to allow your thoughts to pass you without clinging to one thought. When you notice yourself falling into a thought, just gently nudge yourself back to your practice and continue. Studies show meditation to improve your overall productivity in the workplace, help addictions, ADHD, depression, and so much more. You can find out more about meditation’s benefits on the mind by clicking this link. 1 thing you should be doing at work to stay sane
  4. Help someone in need of a hand. If you cannot seem to shake your current thought that seems to be the center of the entire universe, directing your attention to a friend who needs help moving, or your sister who needs advice could help you create enough space from the thought’s that have you frazzled, in order to relax& come back to them later with a more clear state of mind ready to handle the issue.
  5. Direct your focus on creating a detailed “to do” list. If your overthinking is getting seriously in the way of delegating a plan for yourself as to how to tackle the day ahead, grab some pen& paper and write a detailed TIME SENSITIVE “to do” list. Now, you know where to focus your energy so you can stop fixating on the amount of stuff you have to do, and just do it. 
  6. Write down your thoughts on paper or a blog. Releasing your thoughts from your mind can easily be done by talking to a friend, but if no ones available writing them in a journal or blog can be a great mechanism to set yourself free from their control.
  7. Burn an incense or candle, and start to bring awareness into your physical senses. Tapping into each of your five senses is a quick way of snapping out of the mental body. Meditate on your sense of smell by noticing any aromas in the room near you, then move on to your sense of touch and feel the cool air as you breath in, and the warmer air as you breath out… and continue with taste, hearing, and sight. 
  8. Drink some water, and splash some cooler water on your face/ take a cool shower.Just as walking on the Earth barefoot has a grounding electrical impulse that calms the central nervous system, so does the water pouring from your faucet. Maximize the relaxation by adding Epsom salts to a cool bath to soothe your muscles, and aromatherapy.
  9. Draw, sing, play music, sculpt, or create any type of art that you can flow with letting go. Stepping away from the pragmatic, logical, left side of the brain& skipping over into the right allows you to escape the orderly, finite, linear, and sometimes constricting qualities that being dominated by a Patriarchal society can create. Expression through the arts will open the mind to an expansive comfort as you begin to settle down, and sink into your flow.
  10. Write a letter addressed to the object or person in your mind that’s creating the stress. If you really know you need to get something done, and your overthinking is seriously getting in the way, write a detailed letter addressed to the object, situation, or person starring in your thoughts as to why you really need to let them go so you can focus! (By let them go, I mean just for the moment, and from the mind not from your life entirely, but if it’s toxic… then by all means do!)  

Now take one deep, diaphragmatic inhalation, and on the exhale let that shit GO.


Wishing you wellness,


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