Yoga and brunch: Best plant-based spots to grab a healthy bite in Orlando


The most ideal Sunday morning I can think up is an early morning yoga class with some of my girlfriends, topped with a satisfying plant-based brunch. What better way to celebrate the survivors of the work week, and to worship your sacred vessel than to relieve the tension caused by repetitive motions on the job, and to fill your being with nourishment straight from Mother Earth?

So, to those of you local to the city beautiful, Orlando Florida, I’ve conjured up a list of the most sweet& savory spots to grab a plant-based bite after your practice is complete.1. The Market on South 

The Market on South is a shared market hosting two amazing restaurants inside of it; Dixie Dharma to satisfy your savory desires, and Valhalla Bakery for your sweet tooth. Opening at 10 am on Sundays, drop in after rolling up your mat at Orlando Power Yoga (right next door). Special brunch options are available such as a vegan version of biscuits and gravy, Wet Burrito, and Dirty South Scramble. Or maybe something sweet is what you need after a long hot yoga class. Don’t worry, Valhalla Bakery will serve up what you are looking for with fresh cupcakes, donuts, cookies, bars, tarts, muffins, brownies, and I’m on a sugar high just typing about it.


2. Skyebird

Skyebird opens at 11 am on Sunday mornings and will serve you up a fresh breakfast with raw menu options, wholesome organic, gluten-free, and vegan entrees as well. Ginger, Jalapeno, Turmeric, and Wheat grass shots to boost your immunity are at your dispense, as well as in-house brewed Kombucha, cold pressed juices, smoothies, and an all day breakfast menu!


3. The Sanctum

Chelsie, the visionary, and Jamie, the one bringing these dreams down to Earth, teamed up as sisters and business partners in the creation of this vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Incorporating Chelsie’s career as a chef and her passion for cooking plant-based, The Sanctum’s menu is full of mouth watering (HEALTHY) items to choose! Stop in Sunday morning and snag an aÇai bowl with a Tumeric Latte, or maybe a Sanctum Style breakfast burrito with a house-made Chai! Cold pressed juices, smoothies, and a full selection of coffee’s, latte’s, double expresso’s, and french presses all available for your choosing!

4. Dandelion Communitea Cafe

A renovated 1920’s home turned into this health conscious yogi’s favorite spot to grab a bite, listen to poetry, gather for full moon circle’s beneath the Bhodi tree, and relax around some high vibe friends. Dandelion Cafe offers options on their menu to suit vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets, and serves premium loose leaf teas. Featuring a medicinal garden outdoors, they truly practice what they preach about local and sustainable eating. Come by and experience this heart centered eatery by trying a bowl, wrap, or sandwich with a cup of chili or soup. Try a cup of organic tea, coffee, or kombucha, and even bring some loose tea home with you to brew yourself later on!


Wishing you wellness,

Mindy Sheppard

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