The Secret to Feeling Youthful at Any Age!

Health is wealth!

So, with all of the juicing detoxes, herbal supplements, and other strategies in the market which one will be the best at optimizing your results with a simple, highly effective practice easy to integrate into even the busiest day? What health and wellness routine can you add to your hectic life that will ultimately actualize the most energetic, productive, and HAPPY version of yourself? Yoga.

Tried and true, and highly effective in just a short 15 minutes a day you can begin to see results in heightened bone density, improved range of motion in your joints, increased respiration and circulation, stress reduction, deflation of anxiety and depression symptoms, and an increase in productivity as focus is restored. 15 minutes a day, 7 days a week. Roll out your mat, and just stretch. No, you certainly do not need to be able to touch your toes, or do that arm stand… Just roll out your mat and begin.


Just beginning, you will raise your body awareness. Doing this, you notice all the little sensations you may have ignored earlier in the day because you were just too busy to check in with yourself. Noticing all of that you ignore is where improvement can start to grow.

While the arm stands, head stands, crows, birds of paradise, and so forth cultivate immense core strength, the most advanced aspect of yoga is the meditation. Sinking into each pose and showing up fully into the moment allows the mind to relax, decreasing the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) being released inside the brain. Reduction of stress allows the body to reach the parasympathetic nervous system quicker, which is when your body can finally begin healing from all the work it’s been doing throughout the day.

Twisting on the mat, in chair pose or even just laying down and doing a torso twist with the legs falling to one side and your gaze to the other promotes a healthy digestive rhythm. While awakening your vertebrae and simultaneously squeezing your visceral organs, yoga can provide a safe, and effective route to letting go of stiffness in your back and letting go of anything built up in your gut at the same time.

Strengthening your core through a round of Vinyasa, and stretching out your limbs will tone, realign, and lengthen the muscles that fall out of wack due to repetitive stress injury in the workplace. With tone postural muscles comes less dysfunction in the long term, because now your body is sturdy enough to overcome the urge to slouch or use improper body mechanics throughout the day. In the midst of a core stimulating Vinyasa, also notice the sense of heightened circulation and respiration throughout every cell in your body as you breath deeply with each motion.

Recover from even the most debilitating arthritis with a slow, controlled flow. Yoga demonstrates the ability to guide you into joint mobility, and increased flexibility. Paying attention to your body is key as you begin yoga with an injury or degenerative disease. Knowing where your range of motion is, and allowing yourself to slowly increase that with patience will ensure a safe practice.

Through it’s meditative qualities, yoga has been known to increase vitality in the mind as well as endurance, strength, and flexibility in the body through the physical aspect of the practice. Your spirit is sure to flourish as the embodiment of youth, health, and happiness once you set forward on your journey.

Wishing you wellness,

Mindy Sheppard


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