Walking your path

Hello friends,

While many of my articles have a wellness mind/body element to them, this article is more widespread than any of that. More altruistic, and globally aligned… still beginning with you, the reader.  So, if you’ve stuck around and would like to know more… that’s no coincidence. You are definitely supposed to be reading this right now. Start by answering these questions for yourself:


What are your hands making?

What waves are you creating in this world?

Are those ‘waves’ aligned with your beliefs?

If everyone on Earth were living the lifestyle you do now, what would this world look like in 20 years? Would you want your descendants to live in that world?


We all have a purpose here on Earth, and through the amnesia we start by taking subtle clues (Karma) as we are guided to this purpose (Dharma).  As we ascend toward our mission and step into our creatorhood, we notice a sense of ease and harmony (Kriya) as we are being signaled that we are headed in the right direction. When we notice disarray in our lives we are receiving warning signs telling us to turn around and change course. If we ignore these signs and continue down the wrong road, the signs get more and more blatant, and obvious until finally we can no longer ignore them and we are forced to change course. The purpose of all this is to guide you back through the fog to your soul mission so that you can use your natural talents to make a positive change in this world. If you felt any uneasiness when you answered the questions above, I challenge you to evaluate that and ask yourself why you felt that way. Have you opened your eyes to your path, but decided you’d take a seemingly easier route by closing your mind to what you know you are capable of? Have you recently experienced an awakening to your purpose and feel a sense of curiosity and excitement when reading the questions as they ignite a fire in you to go create a change? Have you had a struggle finding your fit although you know deep down when reading this you yearn for something more meaningful? Or maybe you are reading this in affirmation to the fact that you have ascended through all the previous states and now walk the path and inspire others to do the same.

Your purpose can make you money.

Your purpose will also teach you to be gracious with that earning.

If you can harness your power and personal strengths you can make a living from it, while inspiring others to do the same. You don’t need to have a passion for saving the animals, or lowering your carbon footprint to make an extremely strong and positive imprint in this world. What this world needs more than anything is people who find what they love, and do it with such devotion that it triggers a response in others to follow their lead and find what they love and do it too. The world needs more creators, and less people living other people’s dreams.

So what do you love? 

Dedicate some time to that each week like you would any other obligation. Prioritize it. If you’ve ever wondered how far your dreams can take you, you are supposed to find out.

Much love and infinite blessings on your journey to realization of Self,



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