Sound is Vibration, Vibration is Everything

Sound is vibration, and vibration is literallyyy everything. All matter is just atoms squeezed together to make either a solid, liquid, or gas constantly pulsating with vibration at different rates of frequency. Speaking, singing, and even just feeling and thinking all let off vibrations as well. Although, obviously the human eye can’t detect these subtleties, don’t be so foolish as to believe that indicates anything about the power of this phenomenon.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who performed several case studies demonstrating the affect of the human consciousness on water molecules, depicts the essence of vibration’s ability to change matter perfectly. Under the scope he viewed several different water molecules that he projected different affirmations into with thought. Some he used positive affirmations like “Thank you,” and some he used negative affirmations like “You make me sick.” The results from this study are shown below.

After viewing the above, and having knowledge that the average human body contains between 50%-75% water, I’m sure you can see the extent of the harm done when someone directs hateful words or thoughts towards another.

This is what they meant when they said your thoughts create your reality. It’s science, who can argue with that?

Being mindful of the vibrations entering your reality can transcend you into a life filled with happiness and abundance, unfortunately the songs playing on the radio tend to affirm a very negative message. If you think about it, the majority of the population is basically just mindlessly chanting these negative, offensive lyrics, casting spells, and creating those things for themselves in they’re own lives as their reality begins to match their own low vibration. Music is such a POWERFUL tool, use it wisely.

Experiment on yourself, see what difference it makes in your mood and thoughts by listening to positive music in your car ride home VS. ego driven, negative music. I found this transition to be difficult to integrate into my life at first being my playlist contained only these less than life affirming tracks that I loved, but slowly I’ve been able to see the importance of changing my music selection. There are so many amazing artists out there producing conscious music, worth checking out and in my opinion most are far more talented and intelligent creatives because they actually understand the impact their music has on the masses.

e of these conscious artists integrate binaural beats into they’re music as well which actually re-wire your brain to be more calm, positive, creative, and more depending on the frequency used. I personally love sleeping with binaural beats playing on YouTube for relaxation, or lucid dreaming, and studying with concentration focused beats playing in the backdrop. NuMeditation Music is a great channel on YouTube for ultra zen binaural beats and I definitely recommend giving them a search.

aying conscious of these points has been a source of so much bliss for me, and it’s kinda funny thinking how something so obvious and genius could go overlooked for so long.

Much love and blessings,

Mindy Sheppard ✨🦋

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