Making your mess your message

I recently had a conversation with someone very close to me who was absolutely stumped as to why God, or the Universe, would allow terrible things to happen like terrorist attacks, shootings, or death of children. They were incredibly pained by these terrible acts, just as all sentient beings should be, but in this they were clouded and unable to see the bigger picture.This existence is full of pain just as it is full of joy, and not one is more necessary than the other for our growth. Loss teaches us to not take the moments with our loved ones for granted. Terrorism teaches us to raise our children with compassion so they will grow to be compassionate towards others…and so on.

What if you are one of those people who have experienced extreme loss and suffering within your life, then had to transmute your trauma and pain into motivation to become stronger? When we experience events so heartbreaking we can’t form a reason as to why they happened, that’s when we must have the most faith that there’s a lesson underneath the fog. If you allow yourself to have this trusting faith in that undeniable truth, you will always see the lesson and the bigger picture, giving you strength to overcome this hardship.

From this I’ve learned that every battle you’ve had to face has made you capable of helping someone else experiencing something similar, or it’s made you strong enough to handle something big that’s coming into your life soon.

I truly hope no amount of pain drives you from seeing the silver lining, blessings.

Mindy Sheppard

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