We are the black sheep, let us embrace our individuality.

I’m not like you in many ways, as you are not like me. The people who cannot accept the meaning and value behind these differences are usually the culprits behind war. How boring would it be if we were all the same? But, how many times has individuality and difference in opinion fueled arguments, and terrorism? In a society where being accepted is easily come across by merging yourself into the similarities of the masses, be the one who dares to embrace your own truth. Once you stop trying to become what everyone else is in order to be accepted, you start to accept who you truly are. Once you accept who you truly are, it becomes more likely for the society as a whole to step away from the comfort of social normalities and follow your lead into expressing their uniqueness as well. How beautiful would it be if everyone in the world stopped caring of what others thought and became their own very special, and very different truth. Culture would be more diverse, colorful, and vivid. How much richness would it bring to this world to be able to celebrate each other in the ways we are not the same! Under it all, we truly are one, but the mechanism of diversity allows us to learn to respect each other in a way that is separate from judgement. You can allow diversity be a teacher to you, and learn from it a clear-minded appreciation for all beings free from limiting judgmental beliefs and old paradigms of thought.

If you truly want to be free, you must unlearn all the things society taught you to become in order to be accepted… This reveals the true you, and your purpose. Going against the grain isn’t easy, but the universe certainly rewards your courage and as you develop this new sense of true self, the people around you who cannot accept this will dissolve away from your life, making room for people who are willing to hold space for who you really are. Your vibe attracts your tribe in this world, I’d rather attract likeminded individuals and risk being judged by those who do not understand me, than to attract sheep people who express theirselves to fit into a broken society’s standards of normal. How about you?

How many beliefs have you adopted that are not your own?

•Do you really like your style of clothing or do you where it to fit into your friend group?

•Does the music you listen to really make your soul sing, or is it just what everyone else vibes to?

•Do you actually enjoy your job and hobbies, or are you doing them to make someone else proud of you?

•Does the person you show to other people match the person you are when you are all alone?

•Does the religion you’ve adopted by birth match the beliefs that ring true to you, or have you ever challenged those ideals?

•Do you dislike certain people just because your friend, family member, or idol holds a certain view of them?

These questions may make you feel a bit of cognitive dissonance, if you hold a great deal of attachment to them. Especially with religion… but I ask you to really give this some thought. I don’t believe you should drop any of your current ways of living if they feel good and relevant for you, nor do I believe you should drop them to live the way I live. I’m just asking you to see what you truly believe VS what you’ve become in order to be accepted.

Dare to be different, forget that carbon copy life your pushy parent always wanted you to live. Compose your OWN life.

Much love& uniqueness to you on your path,

Mindy Sheppard

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