This month’s full moon falls in the air sign, Gemini.

Gemini, in it’s analytical and truthful influences, brings to the surface any thing that needs to be uncovered, revealed and talked over. Anything that no longer logically serves you may arise during this time, begging to be released and communicated especially within relationships. While the truth is seeping it’s way out, this sign has a tendency away from the compassion of the heart in the manner in which it will blatantly reveal that truth. This boldly contrasts the nature of a full moon in general, as emotions tend to be at a high.

The December 3, 2017 full moon in Gemini is also a Supermoon, which increases the potency of the attributes of this moon phase. Using this portal of energy to it’s maximum potential will be easy for you to do as long as you remember that mercury also goes into retrograde December 3rd as well… There are definitely some strikingly opposing forces working through this full moon, especially being in Gemini, the communicative, logical, and truthful sign. Mercury falling into retrograde demands the exact opposite impulses of you, warning you to carefully speak this truth that Gemini has been a catalyst of to other’s, as Mercury’s influence tends to create issues in misunderstanding messages received. This can lead to conflict if you use your ego to voice the matter of the situation, instead of humbly bridging an understanding with the person amidst the disagreement. Mercury going into retrograde can also slow down the manifestation process during this time, and you may feel stagnant.

One last key point to note within this month’s full moon forecast is the sun and moon square to Neptune in Pisces, which creates energies of mysticism and turns you to dealing with new truth and information from the analytical air sign Gemini in ways you may not usually react, such as escapism or dwelling in your own fantasies to avoid the truth. Neptune strengthens the aspects of deception as well, so be careful during these times as you are not be deceived or deceiving yourself. Think of Neptune as an energetic fog rolling over the perception during this moon.

Optimizing the Energies of this Full Moon:

Now knowing the attributes of this full moon, let’s dive into understanding how to harness this energetic wave and use it to serve your highest evolvement. For starters, the Full Moon is always an excellent time to release anything that is no longer serving you. The phases of the moon begin to diminish into the New Moon, just as that which you wish to release begins to diminish along with it. Taking time to set your intentions in line with the qualities of this current Full Moon will benefit you greatly. Being that this one is in Gemini, let’s focus our intentions on releasing any relationships which we’ve created because of emotional disarray or loneliness, and look towards a more pragmatic perspective of analyzing whether or not this person is truly helping you towards your own aspirations. Also, intending to release these people gracefully and with respect so that Mercury’s retrograde doesn’t cause miscommunication, lack of clarity, or misunderstanding. Be gentle and patient with the releasing of these relationship hurdles, people, thought patterns, and habits that are no longer serving you as this is a time of some delay in manifestation as I stated earlier due to Mercury. Rest assured knowing you will actualize these positive changes.

Happy Full Moon, blessings your way.

Mindy Sheppard

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