Little things I’ve done to change my life in a BIG way

Little things I’ve done to change my life in a BIG way. Positive affirmations, yoga, self development, growth

Little things I’ve done to change my life in a BIG way

Depression and anxiety plagued my mind, and weighed heavy in my heart for several years as I experienced some unfortunate events. My mind was volatile and destructive, my thoughts were negative and self defeating. Once I began healing from my traumas, I practiced meditation often and watched my thoughts as they passed me, noticing the nature of them. This is when I thought, if I’ve steadily been around negative people and said negative things to myself in my head then that’s the reason my thoughts are the way they are. What if I intentionally create positive thoughts until my mindless chatter is even uplifting and I unconsciously reassure myself rather than defeating myself?

This is when I began to learn the easiest ways to create a beautiful transformation and transmute the negativity into pure love. Integrating these simple things into my life, I’ve accomplished turning my mind into a peaceful, loving place.

  • Positive affirmations- using positive affirmations or mantra helps to reprogram you thought patterns into a more harmonious, life affirming way. You can easily do this while your driving somewhere, getting ready in the morning, anywhere you can fit it in, or if you have time during meditation.

  • Listening to inspiring podcasts during car rides- sometimes instead of listening to music during my drive to work, I listen to podcasts to search for motivation and inspiration from another person. There are podcasts for pretty much every niche, so no matter what your in to, you can find one you resonate with. Listening to more generalized motivational speakers like Tony Robbins is great too. My favorite podcasts currently are “From the Heart” with Rachel Brathen (authenticity, vulnerability, and yoga), “Highest Self Podcast” with Sahara Rose (Ayurveda and spirituality), “Soul on Fire” with Jordan Younger (spirituality and wellness), and “Medicine Stories” with Amber Magnolia Hill (herbalism).

  • Listening to uplifting music only- even though you might like some music that affirms questionable behaviors and ideals, it’s truly NOT serving you.

  • Clearing out your social media of all people who do not inspire you- we spend a lot of time nowadays on social media scrolling through what our followers post, so it’s a very good idea to be very picky of who you follow. If they don’t inspire you, unfollow them.

  • Exercising in nature instead of inside- being in nature grounds you and brings you into the moment, getting outside can rise your mood dramatically.

  • Reading self development books written by people in the position you wish to be in- this one is important! Always look up to those who are living the life you wish to lead. If you do what they do, you can have all that they have. We all come into this life the same, no one is more likely than anyone else to succeed and those people who have it all don’t have something hidden up their sleeve, it’s up to you to make it happen.

  • Being conscious of the movies and shows you are watching- actors and actresses get paid to convey an emotion to the viewer through a screen. Is it a good one? It’s proven that watching a traumatic event on TV can cause PTSD just as experiencing it your self would. Stay mindful.

  • Learning to give and receive equally- Do you have a bad habit of not allowing others the opportunity to give thanks and gratitude for you to you? Let them in and be gracious, but after your turn is up, make sure you give back without draining yourself in the process.

These things are so simple to do, but reap serious rewards. Be ready for some big blessings in your life once you begin to make these easy lifestyle changes!

Wishing you the best,

Mindy Sheppard

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