Hygge: Coziness Amidst the Winter Solstice


After the holidays come to a close, the majority of the lengthy winter months drag on usually in a dreary, unwelcoming way. The Winter Solstice has only just passed, meaning there are many more months ahead of us with these chilling temperatures. The cheerfulness and warmth of the season ends along with the end of December leaving your mornings bitter cold, and evenings just the same.  While this perception may be prevalent for the majority of us, the Danish have something else that keeps them cozy and charmed all winter long, and this is called Hygge.

There is no exact word in the English language to translate Hygge, but ultimately it can be defined as a lifestyle and perception of taking in each moment with optimal presence and cherishing all it has to offer. They believe living this way turns life into art, and going out of your way to make life a little more beautiful while enjoying that process is rewarded by a feeling of fullness and gratitude. This could mean taking the extra time in the morning to craft a ritual of blending a creamy and buttery matcha latte, or even clothing yourself in the cutest and softest fuzzy socks and pajamas to make yourself feel a little more “home” within every moment.


The Danish developed this idea of Hygge because they to felt the dreadful coldness of the long winter months, which tend to be much of their year. As they spent much of their times indoors, trying to escape the freezing temperatures, their boredom led them to inspiration and brought about the creation of a beautiful way to enjoy the coziness of home.

Integrating in this culture’s ideas into our own lives could look like spending time inside with your family to learn new recipe’s, I have personally been learning new vegan recipe’s with my air fryer I received for Christmas. Also, taking the time to roll out your yoga mat from home more often, using a website like gaia.com to take classes with world renowned teachers in the comfort of your living room space. You could also brew up a steaming herbal bath for yourself, filled with rose petals, rosemary, eucalyptus leaves, and more. Honoring the season of Winter, truly means honoring that part of yourself which needs rest, rejuvenation, hibernation, and home. In this time of darkness and renewal, you are allowing yourself to prepare for the rebirth which will come again once more in the Spring. Until then, softening the darkness of the months with Hygge could help you immensely as you release the old making room for the new.

In this time of rest that comes along with the Winter Solstice, I wish you softness and tranquility.

Mindy Sheppard

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