Guided to Detox: Intentions for 2018

Guided to Detox: Intentions for 2018 Mindy Sheppard speaks about her intentions for the new year, veganism, non-toxic lifestyle, and what’s to come for the blog.

Happy New Years to my beloved readers,

I wanted to take the time to check in and share some of what has been going on within my life mid-week, before posting more informational blog posts relating to the chakras this coming Friday. I feel that a lot of beautiful change has waltzed it’s way gracefully into my life just recently and within perfect timing as we welcome in the new year. First off, I’d like to say how incredibly beautiful it is that we were underneath a glowing Supermoon and Full Moon on 1/1/2018, and even more remarkable that in the very first month of this new year we will have yet another full moon on the 31st that is actually also a total Lunar Eclipse! With that being said, I definitely have felt the powerful energy carrying away old programming making way for whats to come.

During the weeks leading up to the new year, my body began rejecting foods like dairy, meat, eggs, processed foods, and also alcohol (even just a glass of wine). I decided to do a detox from these things for a week’s duration around Christmas, and with the amount of clarity and energy I began to feel, it was easy for me to then make the decision to ultimately remove these things from my life here after. It’s been about 3 weeks of being totally vegan now for the second time in my life, and I feel like this time I am more equipped with knowledge so that I can remain plant-based here on out. Also, toasted with organic sparkling cider on New Years and dealt with absolutely NO HANGOVER. Thank Goddess!

In all honesty, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I didn’t put pressure on when or how it would happen, I just knew one day I would be ready to make these changes. I didn’t expect it’d come so soon, but reading “Angel Detox” by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves, N.D. gave me a gentle nudge into beginning the process of detox. Along with clearing out my body with healthful foods and beverages that will nourish my body instead of poisoning and depleting it, I have been cleaning out my cabinets of any chemical laden products with ingredients I can’t pronounce! Again, using non-toxic products has been something I’ve integrated for a while, but… I was definitely weary of throwing away certain products. Becoming more conscious of the way my body reacts, I have been able to notice the subtle discomforts and irritation involved with using these products and it’s just not worth it when you can purchase ethically produced, healthy, and high vibration products from a company who’s mission is aligned with your own.

Some other things I have been detoxing from which can be harmful to your health include paraffin candles (soy candles with pure essential oils are the way to go!), toxic cleaning products, non-organic cotton products like q-tips and clothing or bedding, incense made with toxic fragrances, perfume, negative people, and negative environments. The last two are with exception to being of service to someone in a negative frame of mind, because as a massage therapist and volunteering with hospice patients, this cannot be avoided. Though, the intention is a positive one and a shift within their energy is being made in a positive way. As I said in my post on Instagram, this year is all about aligning with my truest values and grounding all that I do in a heart-centered intention. I must say though, I have so much in store for you all in the coming months with this blog, so stay tuned for some serious informational downloads. I have been exploring some sacred channelings from Thoth and Ra the Egyptian Gods that I’m so excited to discuss, as well as wisdom from the teachings of Reiki, vegan recipes, ways to achieve wellness using adaptogens and other herbs, and so much more. STAY TUNED IN my loves to this frequency by subscribing to my blog if you haven’t already so you can receive an email when I post. You’ll never receive spam, I promise. Only information that will keep you informed, and opportunities for your soul to grow and learn.

2018 is a year open for love, light, growth, abundance, courage, triumph, success, happiness, bliss, and all the things that come with that, never the other way around. On a final note, remember: intentions are far more integral than goals. If you intend to find happiness, you will find it in everything you do. If you think completing your goal of saving x amount of money, going to school, landing that job…ect., is was will make you happy, you might just forever stay seeking. The law of attraction works best when you let the universe decide which details to throw in that will make you the happiest. Let it do it’s thing.

Thanks for reading, so much love to you and… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mindy Sheppard

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