Understanding synchronicity: learning to let the signs direct you to your path.

Have you ever had a time in your life where you took action and suddenly it seemed as though the ocean separated so that you could ease-fully walk through to embark on that action? Suddenly life became so easy because everywhere you turned you were making connections with people who had what you needed, and everything just fell right into place. This is synchronicity, and it’s not a coincidence. Evidence of this phenomena is the way birds flock together shifting and diving together as one unit. They are innately aware of this natural flow, and so are we although it has become suppressed. After experiencing so many harmonious synchronizations this past week, I feel called to share this magic with you in hopes it may help you to understand how to pick up on the signs the Universe is throwing out to you, and how to use this as a road map to guide you to your path and open you up to living in Kriya, the Sanskrit term for living in flow.

Two things have been on my mind, and emanating from my soul since the beginning of the year… that’s Reiki, and Kundalini Yoga. Reiki, an energy healing modality developed by Mikao Usui, started becoming imprinted in my conscious mind when everyone I spoke to in various settings began asking me out of no where if I knew what energy healing was, or if I offer Reiki. It became evident to me that Reiki was something I should prioritize learning. Soon after I decided this is what I was to do, I found myself very fascinated in Kundalini. I searched Google for a studio, and found no results. Oh well, I guess. A couple days later, I found a Reiki Master who held a class today for Reiki 1 which I attended, and turns out… she is a Kundalini Yoga teacher as well. Two friends also randomly texted me asking if I knew what Kundalini Yoga was, and if I wanted to go to a class this coming week. The intertwining of these events, demonstrates the web that makes up our collective consciousness. Anything that happens, happens so that something else can happen, and this exchange takes place interconnectedly between every living entity in the universe. For me, a series of events took place so that I could receive the two things my soul has been calling me to do. Since I was following the path of my highest evolvement, I was granted the luxury of floating effortlessly from one event to the next with a laughably abundant amount of assistance from the Universe to get me there.

The ways that signs from the Universe can come to you are absolutely endless. Anything from repetitive number patterns (aka angel numbers), flipping to a page in a book that happens to stand out to you for some reason and call you to action within your life, seeing a license plate while driving that says something relevant, hearing a song play that resonates with you, having a very symbolic dream, all the way to seeing an animal come to you like a butterfly landing on your arm are all signs directing you to the path of least resistance. (Christian’s would call this following the will of God, and Yogi’s call this living your Dharma.) Some signs are very symbolic, and others are more blatant and obvious, but with practice you can listen to them all, uncovering their meaning, and allowing your intuition to help guide you through your life. The amazing thing about synchronicity is that when you start experiencing it, you look out for it more readily and therefore you find it even more. Synchronicity actually gains momentum as you follow it into more and more bliss. The only thing that will stop it is your ego’s Karma. I talk about Karma and Dharma’s purpose in our life more in depth in my article Walking your path.

When you begin listening to these signs and taking action is when you will start seeing everything come together so that you can live out your purpose. The thing about living your purpose is that it never feels like work. It’s literally what you want from the deepest facet of your core, so following the signs to get you into it will only bring you more happiness as they urge you to release negative people, and habits. You are rewarded with a congruous lifestyle filled with curiously orchestrated tones of contentment. With that being said, I urge you to listen to these signs, and journal about them. Begin your relationship with the guidance that is readily available to you. Namaste.

by: Mindy Sheppard


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  1. Wanda Luthman

    I love when things like this happen! You feel so in tune, so light, and blessed. You feel like you are on the right path. I had this happen recently. I’m a children’s author. I am finally writing and publishing which has been a lifelong dream. But, I didn’t know marketing would be involved. I have read everything I could get my hands on. I have watched a ton of webinars. But, this month I connected with someone teaching a month long marketing challenge. I have learned so much. But, the real change happened somewhere in the middle where I was feeling like I didn’t have anything of value to share and one of the other members in the group explained that I was the value. It brought tears to my eyes. I finally understood what I was offering. Then, things began to change and I became more confident and wouldn’t you know I had the best book fair event I have ever had at the end of the month!

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    • Mindy Sheppard

      Wanda that’s so amazing! Thank you for sharing this, I’m so glad that everything fell into place and you were able to go to this marketing event and gather all the resources and connections you needed to regain your momentum and confidence in what you’re doing. That’s beautiful! Many more blessings to you. ❤️


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