What is this Disease Trying to TEACH Me?

“Most people would rather die than change.” -Lynn V. Andrews

Like all things in the physical realm, disease is also a powerful symbol of what’s occurring deeply into the subtler energy fields and the electric and heat detectable fields of the mind and emotional body. The truth is, things don’t just happen for no rhyme or reason. Science wouldn’t allow it. Although, there are diseases with causes undetectable to modern science advances and still this does not mean that the natural world has created a glitch. This only means our modern-day technology has yet to rise to a platform of being capable of explaining the cause which is now left hidden to the eyes. There are cases where disease is easy to describe, and prescribe with a solution such as Diabetes type 2 for example. The cause is usually relating to poor diet and lack of exercise and the solution lies in learning the lesson that is presented to you which is to be more conscious of your lifestyle choices. Although, there are some diseases that fall on to the healthiest person’s lap which feel impossible to understand. How do you explain a 35 year old woman eating a plant-based diet, who exercises daily, and enjoys the outdoors being diagnosed with cancer? What is there to learn from this situation, and how can you find the lesson so that you can heal?

First off, I’d like to say I do not have any medical answers for you of treatments that will cure, or a magical pill which will solve all your problems. And nor do I want you to seize treatment of whatever you are working on with your doctor if you are currently suffering from a medical anomaly, but rather continue working with them while integrating a new philosophy to your perception and see how it may work for you.

The Karmic Energetic Imprint and the Bigger Picture

Children get cancer, baby’s have inoperable tumors, and healthy women receive diagnoses for breast cancer all the time. Holistically speaking, this doesn’t just happen though. First there must be an imprint in the energy of the individuals auric field which has karmically bonded them with this ailment.

Unfortunately, sometimes the Universe has a greater plan and therefore the lesson like in many babies with heartbreaking illnesses may be to teach the parents a lesson of letting go, or bring the parents closer together as they are able to see what truly matters. This is a difficult lesson and my heart personally breaks for any one having to experience this for their growth. If science could calculate the entirety of the Universe, I’m sure we would have a full explanation of the reason this occurred but this is unavailable to us and we must choose to have hope instead and believe in a higher purpose.

What belief have you picked up that is preventing you from living in health?

As for many seemingly healthy women or men being diagnosed with disease, you have to ask yourself if the life you’re living is truly satisfying you, do you want to be here and continue to live? Do you believe somewhere in your heart that you don’t deserve health, or have you have attached yourself to an idea of working towards health rather than living in it? These are questions that bring you to the energetic root of the issue and what many Shamanic healing approaches would like to direct you to in order to heal from the energetic confines you may be putting on yourself which allow the body and mind to fall out of wack in turn.

Have you been listening to the signs that spirit and your body have been signaling to you as you have descended into a state away from health? You may be eating healthy, exercising, and staying away from toxic chemicals in products and the environment but have you become overly stressed by your work and allowed it to take away from you a part of your liveliness? Do you allow yourself to fall into self pity and sadness often at night wishing you wouldn’t have to be here and deal with these things? If any of these things are true to you, you have created an energetic imprint on your aura which karmically bonds you to loosing your health and liveliness. To heal from the physical disease you must heal and cut the cord of this inner and hidden desire you have to not being in your optimal health and vitality.

Where and when did you pick up this belief?

In order to heal this energetic imprint, you must look within yourself to see where and when you picked up this belief about your health. Did you pick it up as a learned behavior from family growing up? Your family may have only ever eaten poorly and exercised infrequently and now you suffer from the consequences. Or maybe you picked up this belief when you were showed repetitively in your life that you were not worthy of love by those you loved deeply such as family members, friends, or romantic partners and therefore you’ve adopted this belief as your own as you’ve decided you are not worthy of your own love and so you won’t take care of your body as you should. If allow this belief to take hold of you it is truly taking your life energetically, and soon, physically. This is how manifestation works between the world or metaphysics, and the world of matter which is truly just one interconnected world.

Releasing this belief as a lesson learned

Now that you’ve asked yourself what your belief is that caused you to loose your health, and have also asked yourself where and when you’ve adopted this belief, you should be able to come to a point of understanding that you are able to forgive yourself of attaching to this belief and allow it to be released since it is no longer serving you any good and you have learned what it is trying to teach you. Allow yourself to notice feelings of lightness, and subtle changes in your vitality over the next weeks and months. Taking note and giving thanks for each positive blessing that will now be available to you. As you notice these positive changes in your health, you will experience even more. You should be patient though, as the energy has now been lifted to a higher vibration your environment and body will strive to meet up with that vibration at the height it now is. But, it didn’t take overnight to manifest the physical ailment you have been attached to so you should expect that it will be a process to align back with this new state of higher vibrational living. You should expect to crave things that are good for your mind, body, and spirit, and begin to be repelled by the negative though patterns, negative habits, and negative choices or people you once were attracted to energetically. In time, your body will meet up with your mind and spirit in the new beautiful positive and unified place they will all reside together.

Healing from the root of the suffering is the only way to end it and begin to live again. Practicing the teachings of ancient cultures that have learned to work with the subtler realms will surely allow you to experience the fullness of the teaching within your own life. As within so without, and with that I’d like to wish you well.

Xx Mindy Sheppard

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  1. Shirley

    Thanks, sweetie~  I enjoy your articles very much.  As I’ve told you before, you missed your calling. You should be a writer! Love you and look forward to seeing you in April! 


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