AFFIRMATIONS for your positive growth

Affirmations are an essential tool that will assist you in sculpting your brain to create new, positive neural pathways and break free of the repetitious negative patterns you may have been falling into for so long. It’s so easy to fall into these negative thought patterns in a world that profits off of our insecurities and generates business from our feelings of scarcity within ourselves. It creates a fragmentation within us, as we begin to believe that we are not enough and that we need to buy into whatever they are selling in order to be accepted. Hurtful words and discrimination, illusions of separation and hierarchy are the cause of our need for an excellent and efficient tool that will help us to return to our higher state of knowing and nourish our minds with the eternal sunshine of happiness and self loving beliefs.

How Affirmations Work

When you think a thought, or take an action the brain shoots out an electric impulse and in turn creates a new neural pathway. Now that this pathway is created, it is easier for the brain to follow into this same path the next time it is possible to use it, versus taking a new route and making a new pathway. This is efficient and beneficial if the pathway serves your life in a way which works for you, but if not, it is easy to stay stuck in a rut of making the same poor choices because it feels easier. If you take the time to observe the negative patterns you naturally have been falling into, you can use positive affirmations to reprogram them. Some common negative patterns may be: having judgmental thoughts about yourself or others, lazy habits, limiting beliefs that create scarcity, poor diet and exercise choices, apathetic beliefs about your life, depressive and hopeless thoughts, anxious thoughts that cause you to become worked up easily, fears of success, fears of anything, paranoid thought patterns, addictive behaviors, and so many more beliefs that can be observed through meditation and doing the inner work within yourself to analyze and conclude what is no longer serving your highest good.

Using Affirmations to Heal Your Mind

By pin pointing a negative pattern or belief you’d like to release by targeting it with an affirmation, you will tailor that affirmation to announce to yourself the opposite is true. So if you have a belief about money that causes you to live out of abundance, you may use the affirmation “I find abundance in everything which is in front of me, and feel immense gratitude for all my blessings.” The most important factor of this process is to be able to vibrationally connect to and fully believe in from your core that the affirmation you are speaking is true right now. If you were to use the affirmation “I will recieve a large amount of abundance tomorrow when I complete this business deal,” you are actually continually placing your abundance into the never happening tomorrow instead of the now, and now is all that exists energetically. Also, you are limiting the ways which the Universe will be able to deliver the abundance into just one business deal. Therefore, using “I am,” and “I feel” statements are best for attracting whatever you wish to exist into this present moment. Another factor to be conscious of when creating the perfect mantra for you is to remember that only when you fully believe the mantra at the core of your being can it become true for you. If not, it will feel contradictory to all that you already know in your brain. For example, using the same situation as in the last example, if you tell yourself “I am rich and have loads of money and wealth in every aspect of my life,” but actually feel very poor and know that currently you do not have much money at all, it will be contradicting what you know and will not allow you to vibrationally meet up with the words which you are saying. Instead, find that which you do already feel blessed to have and speak in your affirmations gratitude which you do truly feel towards those blessings, and announce that you have abundance in these blessings. Then, you will be granted more.

Repeating the same affirmation over and over, or using multiple affirmations and stating them aloud are both amazing ways to transform your brain into a healthy and blissful home for your consciousness. Repeat the affirmations when your driving to work, getting dressed, or any other time you feel is appropriate. You can also record yourself saying any affirmations you would like to use, then play them as you sleep at night. This will allow the mind to integrate these beliefs even more easily because the conscious mind will be relaxed and the unconscious mind in turn will be more susceptible to being altered. Also, hearing your own voice is more affirming and trustworthy for your brain to believe it and integrate it, so recording your own affirmations is absolutely potent for growth.

Below are some examples of affirmations for you to integrate, but please be so inspired as to create your own and use those as well. If any of these don’t feel right for you, discard them and use the ones that make you feel truly aligned with your mind, body, and soul.

Affirmations for Self Love

“I feel beautiful, conscious, pure, and vibrant with every movement and breath I take, I am full.”

“I see God in myself, I see Goddess in myself, I am the infinite and I am divine.”

“My mind is my greatest fan and cheers me on along my path through life.”

“Within my self I feel at home.”

“I know all that I need resides within me, all the beauty, pleasure, and abundance.”

“All that I admire in others, are qualities I myself have attained.”

“My mind, body, and soul are in alignment.”

“I am the most powerful force in my own life, and my will is aligned with the most high.”


Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity

“I feel the wealth that all my blessings have embellished my life with.”

“I know I am worthy of all the success life has brought me and continues to bring me.”

“I am a vessel that flows within the current of prosperity as I give and receive in perfect harmony.”

“I am open to receiving the luxuries which my life’s work rewards me.”

“I am allows supported, secured, and nourished by my life’s fruit.”

Affirmations for Cultivating Compassion

“I respect and love all living things as they are a mirror for me which will help me to grow.”

“I am full of loving kindness and aim to serve humanity in it’s growth towards consciousness.”

“Everything I do, and all the words I speak are full of love and kindness.”

“I do not impose my power onto other, instead I lift them up and inspire them with my confidence and courage.”

“I seek to understand, not to compete.”

“Through others, I find myself. Everyone can teach me something.”


Affirmations for Health and Vitality

“I am strong and capable of overcoming any hardships.”

“My body is extremely capable of renewing it’s health and vitality.”

“I feel gratitude for my wellness and the life that runs through my vessel.”

“My mind is a welcoming, and loving place where positive thoughts are reinforced.”

“I am nourished and nurtured and know that my sense of comfort is provided for by the Universe.”

“I radiate warmth with my presence as my glow of health emanates from deep within my core.”

“My aura is clear and light, and filled with love that attracts more happiness into my life.”

As you begin to use these affirmations, I want to stress the importance of using them consistently. Spending 10 minutes a day saying any given affirmation for a duration of a month you can expect to manifest some divine outcomes. If you have extra time on your hands, like a long drive maybe, spend that whole time using these powerful statements to amplify your potential. You will reap the benefits when harvest time rolls around and may be laughing with the beautiful serendipity that will unfold as thing’s seamlessly fall into place for you.

Xx Mindy Sheppard.

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