Numerology: Decoding the Universe

Numerology: Decoding the Universe

If you’ve ever seen The Matrix, you can understand how numbers, ratios, numerical patterns, sacred geometry, and the like all actually make up the reality we are seeing. While The Matrix is considered a fictional movie, it actually displays a lot of truth. Ask anyone with a love for mathematics and one foot in the door of studying quantum physics and they will tell you that this world we live in is based on these codes which create a visual interpretation in our minds, and we call it reality. While we are probably not connected up to a computer living a fake life which a government has programmed so that they can control us like in The Matrix (although if you ask Elon Musk he may have some conspiracies of his own about this), the plane of reality we see is programmed more so by the Universe with these numbers. This is how plants grow upward towards the sun in a spiraling fashion, and how Fibonacci’s Spiral shows up in sea shells just as it does in the spiraling of a galaxy, as well as cell growth and proportions within the body being created to match that of the same species. It’s all math. So, how can we use this connection to math and divine consciousness to enrich our own lives and link the patterns and cycles which we experience in our inner worlds to the outer world for external confirmation of our actions?  Numerology.

Numerology is simply the study of numbers and the patterns which they create. This is applied esoterically to your own inner world and then used as a tool to navigate and affirm your life path is running in the direction it needs to go. If you’ve ever looked at a clock almost every night for a week and it says “11:11” or some other number sequence that you constantly run into, you are receiving a sign through numerology. The more you pay attention and ask for affirmation, the more you will see these signs. And they don’t have to be on just a clock. Sometimes it will be the number on a hotel room, the price on your receipt, the waiting number you were given at the DMV, or any other place where a number can pop up. This seems pretty out there at first, but when you learn the significance of every number and what that specific number means, you will be able to apply it to your life as a checkpoint affirmation from the unmoved mover and move in the direction you then see fit with this new knowledge.

All the numbers 0-9 have a special vibration which is linked to a meaning. When you see repetition of the same number, it signals that the message of that number is even stronger. If you see a number like 1017, you would combine the meanings of the number 1, 0, 1, and 7. Below I will list the number 0-9 with their meanings so that you may begin your own conversation with the Universe.

0 Infinity, No beginning and no end, connection to source

1 New beginnings, self leadership, independence, personal growth, thoughts create reality

2 Duality, love, balance, relationships, harmony, decisions, soul mission and life purpose

3 Manifestation, alchemy, inspiration, creativity, the ascended masters are with you

4 Practicality, logic, building strong foundations, finances, loyalty, determination

5 Life Experience, lessons learned, travel, non-attachment, curiosity, unconventionalism

6 Deep emotions, empathy, sympathy, unconditional love, nurturing, parenthood

7 Faith, spirituality, collective consciousness, inner wisdom, enlightenment, psychic

8 Professionalism, financial success, delegation, social status, leadership, karma

9 Humanitarianism, lightworking, philanthropy, destiny, selflessness

These are very positive interpretations of the numbers, but if the experience your having is a negative one or you are experiencing a blockage, the numbers positive orientation would be reversed into it’s opposite to display it’s negative meaning. Don’t be alarmed though, as everyone has blockages to work on and this information can be amazing to help you become more aware of them and ultimately heal them. You have officially decoded the mysticism of numerology, now go out there and apply it.

With love and light,

Xx Mindy Sheppard

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