Kundalini and Martinis

Balance friends.

Getting lost in the world of illusion, attachments, addictions, lust, and vanity isn’t an option. That rabbit hole is far too deep to venture down safely. Although, who’s to say that an occasional Martini with your friends is going to lower your vibe if you enter that decision with a high vibrational attitude of non-attachment and joy. Advocating belligerence and escapism is that last thing I ever hope to do, but you can allow anything to be your medicine if in the moment you know for your body it would not be cheating yourself out of vitality.

Take that Kundalini class, be serious about getting to practice, but less serious about the actual practice. Rigidity is a spiritual person’s easiest ego attachment, so be loose. Something that worked for your growth yesterday, may not work tomorrow… because we all know the only constant is CHANGE. And the beauty of this change is that if we can embrace it, we experience more perspectives and release ourselves from judging someone else’s path.

This makes me think of the unhealthy raw vegan who in order to save themselves from Orthorexia and the terrible effects that it can have on the body, should re-evaluate and eat some warm foods… maybe even some fish. Rigidity in beliefs and lifestyles starts from labeling yourself as one thing, like “raw vegan,” and ends in ignoring the signs that your body is sending you in order to keep up this label, or ego attachment regardless of what belief you have to back it.

Know yourself,

Can you have just ONE Martini without craving more and more and more? Can you break your diet in order to return towards more health without falling into an abyss of “I can eat whatever I want so I’m going to binge?” Maybe if you can’t, you need to stay disciplined and strengthen your will so that you can. Maybe you’re healthy with all your current choices and feel you thrive best under a completely clean lifestyle.

Whatever you do, whatever choices you make for your body, mind, and soul, I hope you remove shame, guilt, and apathy from the equation.

Xx Mindy Sheppard

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