Goddess Ritual Bath for the PISCES Full Moon

Photo by @cosmiccollage

Blessings everyone!

Today I felt inspired to share a beautiful and simple ritual to celebrate the Pisces full moon on Sunday, August 26th, 2018. This bath can be incorporated for any of the full moons as well, but is most potent when working with water signs. I have my sun sign, as well as several other planets in Pisces, so this full moon is a favorite of mine. Although, it can get a bit emotional.

Pisces full moons give us the opportunity to grow emotionally, becoming more in tune with our feelings, but not allowing them to make all of our decisions for us. A great way to tune into our emotional body is through the element water, and so the bath ritual is a perfect tool to sink into the present state of your feels, and discern which situations and people you may need to let go before they drain you. Then, to release it all at the peak of the full moon as it begins to wane towards a new moon once more. Full moon’s are your harvest, and as you harvest you must clear away to start anew. With that being said, let’s begin spell crafting our ritual bath so that we can release and start fresh too.

Photo by Deborah Hanekamp @mamamedicine

Create the ambience:

    Fill the tub with warm to hot water, and sprinkle in some Epsom salts, Magnesium Chloride, or Bath Detox Clay.
    Burn some White Sage in your bathroom, intentionally clearing the energy of the area and then clearing your own aura. Pisces has the tendency to become empathic and take on other people’s stresses. Take this time to cut any cords of attachment and let go of any of these negative ties.
    Light your candle, preferably blue or white, and place it near your bath.
    Sprinkle in some of your favorite herbs, or drop in some essential oils that help to calm the nerves and bring you present into your emotional body such as Rose Petals, Motherwort, Lavender, Chamomile, and Eucalyptus.
    Play some binaural beats by clicking here to set the vibe for your meditation that will follow. The link is for 417 Hz, which is excellent for clearing subconscious blocks and negative energy.

Do the Inner Work:

    Sink into your Goddess Bath, and take a few deep breaths. Center yourself as you check in with your mental state, emotional state, and then follow with a body scan. Do not judge or try to change whatever you notice, just observe.
    You will be going in deep to meditate on your unconscious habits, limiting beliefs, and patterns. Pisces is the reclusive sign of solitude, and is ruled mostly by the unconscious so this is a common time to feel extra illogically emo, it doesn’t matter though that it makes sense or not to the conscious mind because that’s just how the unconscious does it’s thing. It shows you your truest desires, whether you consciously know that they are bad for you or not. Meditate on these blocks by addressing each chakra and unlocking unconscious limitations, then releasing them by trusting that now you have brought consciousness to the unconscious.
    Address the Root Chakra, any limiting beliefs regarding sense of security, financial stability, and safety.
    Address the Sacral Chakra, any limiting beliefs regarding expression of sensuality, sexuality, and passion for life.
    Address the Solar Plexus Chakra, and any limiting beliefs regarding confidence, courage, sense of self, and will power.
    Address the Heart Chakra, and any limiting beliefs towards love, relationships, respect for others, and compassion.
    Address the Throat Chakra, and any limiting beliefs regarding expression of creativity, speaking your truth, expressing your truth clearly and effectively, and the balance of listening and speaking.
    Address the Third Eye Chakra, and any limiting beliefs regarding trusting your intuition, being open and receptive to new ideas and outcomes, and being able to positively visualize and see the world that is and is to come.
    Address the Crown Chakra, and any limiting beliefs regarding your sense of connection to the creator, all life, and knowledge of oneness.
    Take several deep breaths as you then analyze and observe your new mental state, emotional state, and do another body scan. Observe and note any emotions or recurring thoughts that popped up during the meditation.
    Finalize the meditation by chanting “OM” 3 times, and setting your intention to leave behind all that you have released.

Soak a little while longer, if you will. But you have completed some soul work that will help you align with the current moon phase and advance into your own personal spirituality. Love and light always!

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