30 Things to Get Rid of Before 2019

30 Things to Get Rid of Before 2019

Hey everyone,

Coming into the end of the year, I always like to do a little declutter before the holidays… this year I took it to another level. And, Im glad I did because every time I’ve decluttered in the past, two things would happen:

1) I would end up holding on to a lot of things I wanted to toss because of guilt, how much I spent on the item, or fear of needing it in the future.

2) My house would always return to be somewhat cluttered rather quickly.

What I’m coming to embrace is a more minimal lifestyle. I have always resonated with Feng Shui, which is basically the idea that every item you have holds an energy, therefore you should only keep what radiates positive energy. Although, I realized how I haven’t been living to this idea fully because I would keep those things which made me feel guilt for not using or thinking of tossing them, especially unused gifts. Every time I saw these items, I’d feel bad about it. Every time I saw a book I was going to read but didn’t finish I felt bad about it, and even that canvas I never finished painting. Each item you keep demands to be kept up with and cared for. This can be very distracting, and we don’t even realize it consciously.

I decided that guilt isn’t going to stop me from listening to my intuition, and neither is the fear of scarcity for getting rid of something I might later use even though I haven’t used it in a year or more. This led to a massive declutter and since it felt so freeing for me, I’m sure it will spark the same joy for you to know that your space is only filled with the things that give you real happiness and are absolutely functional. So, let’s go ahead and dive into my list of 30 things you should get rid of before 2019 organized in the order of the Konmari Method of decluttering, developed by Marie Kondo. The Konmari Method orders the decluttering process into categories which allows you to begin with things that are easier to toss, and end with the harder things so that your intuition will strengthen as you get to the end so you will not be having so many doubts of what to toss and what actually brings you joy.

  1. Clothes that don’t fit you properly, comfortably, or are just not your style. I was able to really define my style with this declutter. When I used to shop trends, I ended up with various different styles that didn’t necessarily fit my personality.
  2. Shoes that kill your feet. I have only two pairs of heels left. Toms, flip flops, and work shoes.
  3. Jewelry you never wear. All that tarnished stuff can go, gold can get pawned. Unless it’s something very special to you, let it go.
  4. Socks without a mate, or that have holes in them.
  5. Underwear and bras that are looking a little too worn or are uncomfortable. We tend to hold on to these longer than regular clothes as we justify with the thought that no one really sees them.
  6. Books and Magazines you no longer read, have never read, will never read. The hardest thing for me to declutter by far. I held on to books as a part of me, and refused to read ebooks. But I found that I love audiobooks and it’s been an excellent substitution for me.
  7. Papers like insurance policies, bank account information, etc. All these papers should be scanned and saved into a Cloud drive. They are much safer there and take up zero physical space.
  8. Old bills, bank statements, and mail. Go paperless, this can all be found online.
  9. Business Cards. I have a note in my phone saved with photos of business cards I think I may one day reference, I tossed the physical version.
  10. Old journals, and notebooks. Have you ever actually looked at these for reference?
  11. DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and Consoles.
  12. Craft supplies you never use, for me this is something that took a weight off my shoulders because I don’t particularly love painting, but I had a lot of supplies and unfinished works staring at me for completion.
  13. Board Games.
  14. Pet supplies.
  15. Old cameras, Laptops, and other tech.
  16. Toxic cleaning products; replace them with an all purpose natural cleaner. You really only need one or two cleaners for your whole house.
  17. Pantry Items in your kitchen that are old or you will never use. Same goes for inside the fridge!
  18. Excess utensils, bowls, plates, and cups.
  19. Home decor you no longer vibe with and holiday decor that’s old, broken, or unused.
  20. Tools in the garage or toolbox that aren’t functional and used.
  21. Toxic beauty products. Switch them out this year for something safer.
  22. Clutter in your medicine cabinet like prescriptions and other medications that are expired.
  23. Excess makeup brushes, duplicate tweezers, beauty tools that are unused or broken.
  24. Miscellaneous items that have no home.
  25. Sentimental items that can be scanned and saved into cloud storage.
  26. Old trophies, take a photo of them and let them go. What good do they do in a box you never open?
  27. Excess bags, storage containers, and other containers.
  28. Just in case items.
  29. Apps and photos cluttering your digital space.
  30. Souvenirs. Take a photo from now on, it’ll last longer!

Some of these items are difficult to get rid of, but when you see the piles of things your donating or recycling that you just don’t love, you will really re-evaluate your spending habits. Make sure to give these items up responsibly to a thrift shop or recycle everything you can. Try not to give too many things out to loved ones and clutter their homes. Only give items to loved ones if you KNOW they will love and use it. With all this gone you will feel a lot lighter, and I can bet you will notice a new sense of peace and gratitude for the things you have left.

Moving forward, I always like to keep a ongoing bag of things to donate or toss in my home so that as things come in they are also exiting instead of accumulating. This will prevent you from having to do a massive declutter again.

Thanks so much for reading and I know this will be a huge reset for you as we move into the beginning of a new year. It definitely has been for me!

Some photos of what I got rid of:

(plus a whole lot more, not pictured)

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