How to Declutter your Sentimental Things the Konmari Way | The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

How to Declutter your Sentimental Things the Konmari Way | The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Welcome everyone to the sixth day of our Seven Day Konmari Declutter Challenge!

If you haven’t been following along to the challenge, let’s get you caught up.

Decluttering your space is easiest when tackled by categories, organized in order of easiest items to discard, to hardest, like sentimental things. This is why the Konmari Method was developed. Marie Kondo, a Japanese Decluttering Consultant, is an expert of her work, helping hoarders to declutter things they could previously never part with and in turn shift their lives around because as they let go of their unwanted items, they simultaneously seem to let go of their unwanted thoughts, release negative people, and shake bad habits as well.

In the book she wrote “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” she walks the reader through the same process she walks her clients through. The method is more deeply illustrated in my previous article How to Declutter the Konmari Way | The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo but, in short she guides the reader to start with the one category, take all the items from that category out from anywhere in the home and place it out so you can see the mass of all the items you have in that category, then to hold each object and see if it sparks any joy to you. Going with your intuition, you will discard anything that doesn’t spark joy! For whatever reason, regardless of any excuse, it has to go.

This is the sixth and final category we are addressing now, so if you missed the first of the series go ahead and click here to tackle that one. If you’re all caught up to speed, let begin with category six:

Sentimental Items!

You’ve made it through all the other categories, if you followed the method as illustrated, which means your intuition and “discarding muscle” is strong and ready for this challenge.

So, like with all the other categories, go ahead and dig out every sentimental item from any corner of your home.

Sentimental Items Include:

  • Photos
  • Diaries
  • Albums
  • Souvenirs
  • Scrapbooks
  • Notes from loved ones
  • Drawings from loved ones
  • Trophies
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Ticket Stubs from events
  • Cards

Lay out these items in front of you, spread out evenly so you can see all you own.

Now, I’d like you to acknowledge each item, one by one, asking if it sparks you any joy.

Being honest with yourself, you will most likely find some things here that are definitely bringing you loads of joy and that you want to keep. Keep these items! No guilt, no shame, just keep them. But, really be honest with yourself.

Lots of my sentimental items actually carried a negative energy and brought up some weird emotions. Holding on to things like notes from and ex lover, funeral pamphlets from your late best friend, and the like, are not necessary to keep. There are tons of better ways to remember your late loved one, and the ex should probably not be remembered as it’s taking you away from your current relationships.

Other items, may just bring up apathy. Or even guilt. Try to avoid keeping these items as well, and remember that there are still other sentimental items you enjoy fully that you can keep.

If you are truly being drawn to minimizing your life, you may feel like even some heirlooms are a burden more than they are functional and purposeful to keep. I suggest giving these to another family member if this feeling arises, maybe someone who’s a bit more sentimental about items and will look at it as a blessing.

About that blanket that was your grandmothers who passed away, if you love it keep it, but if you don’t, it can be loved by someone else when you donate it. The blanket is not your grandmother, or whoever. When you release the things you are attached to that are kept from loved ones who have passed, you truly let go of your attachment to them, and they are free to be with you in only a positive way.

For the items you do love, but are troubled by holding on to, take photos of them, or  scan the papers or photographs onto your computer and save them to a Cloud drive so that they will be safe forever. You can even create an digital photo album or scrapbook of the items you let go of that you still want to remember at times and be able to look through for a hit of nostalgia.



We almost made it to the end of our Seven Day Konmari Declutter Challenge! Now since we are done discarding, tomorrow we will take the time to organize all the objects in our home following the techniques of Marie Kondo.

If your ready to head over to the last challenge, click here.

Until then, many blessings, and happy New Year,





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