How to use sage to cleanse your aura

How to use sage to cleanse your aura, and why energy clearing is so important to attract miracles and happiness into your life through the law of attraction.

Energy Clearing

Energy cleansing is crucial to obtaining optimal health and wellness especially when finding yourself in highly stressful environments like the corporate world, traffic jams, and the like. The first thing that falls out of balance is your energy, next comes your mind and emotions, then finally your physical body falls into disease or illness after enduring longer periods of mental or emotional distress. If we can maintain a healthy aura, we can maintain a healthy mind, heart, and body as well.

The Aura

The aura serves as a protection from lower energies, just as long as your aura is radiant and balanced with vibrancy of the 7 main chakras. If your aura is vibrating as a high frequency, the law of attraction then allows you to attract only high vibe situations and people into your auric field. If you’d like to learn more ways to raise your vibration check out my post Vibrate Higher. So, let’s bring your awareness now to the ways in which we can return to a bright, positive aura in the modern world using some ancient, and sacred tools to do so.

The Science of Sage

Sage is an herb, I’m sure you’ve familiarized with briefly, that is spiritually used as a tool so cleanse the energy and help to clear any blockages as it releases negatively polarized ions that fill up the air and send out a message to your body to put you into a more uplifted mood. Sage is also extremely anti-bacterial and kills off bacteria floating around in the air you breath. Our ancestors have always known intuitively the benefits of this herb, and now we are able to access scientific evidence that affirms their intuition. Now, you have more of an understanding on this herb let’s move forward into how to use it as smoke medicine in order to cleanse your own aura and allow you to vibrate higher.

  1. Buy a White Sage bundle, or a Smudging kit from your local apothecary or metaphysical shop.
  2. Prepare your surroundings by opening a window, and grabbing a lighter, and a dish to suffocate the embers in once you are done using the sage.
  3. Prepare your mind by setting an intention. You can use your own, or simply state to yourself: “I consciously release all negative blockages from my auric field to be transmuted into light.”
  4. Light the sage bundle carefully and begin to wave the sage smoke around your body lingering in areas you feel may be stagnant or blocked until you feel ready to move along to the rest of your body.
  5. Suffocate the embers, and thank yourself for taking this short amount of time to show a tremendous amount of self love!

Enjoy the enhanced state of being by taking the time after energy clearing to meditate, practice breath work, journal, paint, or practice yoga.

Love and light 🖖🏼

Mindy Sheppard


Depression seeps into your being when you are experiencing a lack in the element fire. The symptoms of being weighted down, slow paced, and emotionally bleak are all qualities of an over accumulation of the elements water and earth in your constitution. The opposite must be reintroduced in order to return to balance. The chakra associated with this opposite element of fire is the Solar Plexus and this is what the meditation I am about to share with you is centered around. If you would like to learn more about the Solar Plexus Chakra before starting this meditation click here.

A beautiful way to enter fire into your vessel is to use the radiance of the sun, and the secondary element we will introduce in order to release some of the weight in your being and allow you to feel light and expressive is air. The wind is your catalyst for this alchemical transformation.

So… without further ado, remove your shoes and step outside to a quiet area, preferably in direct sunlight in the grass or soil. You can lay out a blanket to lay supine on top of.

Give yourself a few moments of breath. Following the breath through your nose into your lungs, and back out as you push your diaphragm to empty out your lungs completely.

Once you feel centered and in the moment, allow your breath to return to a natural pattern and change your focus into your Solar Plexus chakra. Feel the sun’s rays beaming into your Solar Plexus, feeding your body with life and fiery confidence. Now return to your breath as you focus on breathing the sun’s energy into your Solar Plexus, and as you exhale maintaining focus in the Solar Plexus instead of following the breath out. Imagine the breath coming in and giving more air and life to a fire within your Solar Plexus center, and as you exhale it growing larger and larger. Do this for several minutes, enjoying the vibrance it is nourishing your once lackluster cells with.

Now, feeling more energy and passion stimulated within your core, feel the wind blow through your aura. As it blows by allow yourself to let it take with it any worries, stresses, and fears that weigh down your vibration without labeling them or judging them. Continue this concentration until the wind has purified your entire aura of any blocks.

Returning to your focused breath, find a center again in the present moment. Begin to notice your nearby surroundings as you give your gratitude to the wind and to the sun for revitalizing your energy field with a newfound joy away from depression.

Nature is medicine, allow it to fill you up and always express your gratitude for its presence in your life. Building a relationship with the elements will help guide you into balance in any situation.

Healing and love to you and all beings,

Xx Mindy Sheppard

Numerology: Decoding the Universe

Numerology: Decoding the Universe

If you’ve ever seen The Matrix, you can understand how numbers, ratios, numerical patterns, sacred geometry, and the like all actually make up the reality we are seeing. While The Matrix is considered a fictional movie, it actually displays a lot of truth. Ask anyone with a love for mathematics and one foot in the door of studying quantum physics and they will tell you that this world we live in is based on these codes which create a visual interpretation in our minds, and we call it reality. While we are probably not connected up to a computer living a fake life which a government has programmed so that they can control us like in The Matrix (although if you ask Elon Musk he may have some conspiracies of his own about this), the plane of reality we see is programmed more so by the Universe with these numbers. This is how plants grow upward towards the sun in a spiraling fashion, and how Fibonacci’s Spiral shows up in sea shells just as it does in the spiraling of a galaxy, as well as cell growth and proportions within the body being created to match that of the same species. It’s all math. So, how can we use this connection to math and divine consciousness to enrich our own lives and link the patterns and cycles which we experience in our inner worlds to the outer world for external confirmation of our actions?  Numerology.

Numerology is simply the study of numbers and the patterns which they create. This is applied esoterically to your own inner world and then used as a tool to navigate and affirm your life path is running in the direction it needs to go. If you’ve ever looked at a clock almost every night for a week and it says “11:11” or some other number sequence that you constantly run into, you are receiving a sign through numerology. The more you pay attention and ask for affirmation, the more you will see these signs. And they don’t have to be on just a clock. Sometimes it will be the number on a hotel room, the price on your receipt, the waiting number you were given at the DMV, or any other place where a number can pop up. This seems pretty out there at first, but when you learn the significance of every number and what that specific number means, you will be able to apply it to your life as a checkpoint affirmation from the unmoved mover and move in the direction you then see fit with this new knowledge.

All the numbers 0-9 have a special vibration which is linked to a meaning. When you see repetition of the same number, it signals that the message of that number is even stronger. If you see a number like 1017, you would combine the meanings of the number 1, 0, 1, and 7. Below I will list the number 0-9 with their meanings so that you may begin your own conversation with the Universe.

0 Infinity, No beginning and no end, connection to source

1 New beginnings, self leadership, independence, personal growth, thoughts create reality

2 Duality, love, balance, relationships, harmony, decisions, soul mission and life purpose

3 Manifestation, alchemy, inspiration, creativity, the ascended masters are with you

4 Practicality, logic, building strong foundations, finances, loyalty, determination

5 Life Experience, lessons learned, travel, non-attachment, curiosity, unconventionalism

6 Deep emotions, empathy, sympathy, unconditional love, nurturing, parenthood

7 Faith, spirituality, collective consciousness, inner wisdom, enlightenment, psychic

8 Professionalism, financial success, delegation, social status, leadership, karma

9 Humanitarianism, lightworking, philanthropy, destiny, selflessness

These are very positive interpretations of the numbers, but if the experience your having is a negative one or you are experiencing a blockage, the numbers positive orientation would be reversed into it’s opposite to display it’s negative meaning. Don’t be alarmed though, as everyone has blockages to work on and this information can be amazing to help you become more aware of them and ultimately heal them. You have officially decoded the mysticism of numerology, now go out there and apply it.

With love and light,

Xx Mindy Sheppard

Holistically heal your Adrenal Fatigue so you can get the sleep you’ve been missing.

Holistically Healing your Adrenal Fatigue

If you notice yourself feeling ultra sluggish when it comes to mornings, barely able to pull yourself out of bed and get dressed for the day and later experience a surge of energy at night when it’s time to lay down and catch some Z’s, you are likely experiencing adrenal fatigue. What this means is that Cortisol, a hormone most commonly referred to as the “stress hormone” and that is essential for sending your body into an alert waking state, is being released in higher amounts in the evenings instead of the mornings. Obviously, this is causing some problems for you when your schedule is a nine to five Monday through Friday type of layout. So, how do you nourish your adrenals so that this can stop keeping you up at night, and you can get through your day without five cups of coffee and two shots of espresso?

It starts with relaxing the body as soon as the work day ends…

Hopefully your work day is ending at a reasonable time like 5 pm, but if it doesn’t it is still 100% possible to get back on track. Unless, you work a night shift… this makes it a bit tricky and I have to ask you to ask yourself if this is truly affecting your health negatively, is it worth the job and is there any way to change the situation? You can’t work in the long term if you don’t prioritize your health first. If your like most people on a pretty normal schedule coming home around the time it’s getting dark outside, my first tip towards you returning to vitality is to leave the work at work. Leave the scheduling at work or for the daytime hours, and leave the work related emails and texts and calls… at work! This is going to help to send your mind into a state of ease by helping it to change from sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic. In Parasympathetic, the body is able to work on healing itself, and digesting rather than using all it’s energy reserve’s for alertness and muscular function. TV and computer use should be withdrawn 2-3 hours before bedtime ideally. The blue light that this technology sends out through the screen permeates the eyes and skin and signals the brain to wake up just as natural light in the morning time does in order to wake your body up naturally. This excess release of cortisol at night will definitely make it difficult to relax so I recommend using a blue light filter on your phone if you must use that before bedtime.

Digestion and Sleep

When it comes to transitioning from not being able to fall asleep until three in the morning to getting shut eye at 10 or 11 pm at the latest, it will make it so much easier if you make sure to eat 3-4 hours before bed. When your body is digesting a heavy meal, it is much more difficult to fall into a state of deep relaxation which will allow sleep to occur. If you are absolutely starving before bed, eat. But, eat something light such as soup, or yogurt. Bananas are also an excellent bedtime snack because the potassium helps to relax your muscles.

Caffeine Mindfulness

Caffeine certainly affects everyone differently, some people it makes them a nervous mess and gives them headaches without it and might decide to stop consuming it entirely. I personally have decided this is the best route for me and if you’d like to read why read my article Why I Stopped Consuming Caffeine. Although, many people can use a bit a caffeine responsibly to assist them with work efficacy and productivity without running their adrenals dry completely. It’s important to ensure you drink 8 ounces of water and eat a solid breakfast before doing so, unless you think stomach ulcers and jitters are a good time. Stopping consumption at least 4-6 hours before the end of the work day will also help to make sure you will feel at ease when it’s time to hit the hay being that the average half-life of caffeine is about that length of time.

Stepping out of the masculine energy, and into the feminine

Whether you are male or female, you have both masculine and feminine energies within you also known as Yin and Yang. Yin is the feminine aspect of yourself which is receptive, intuitive, and able to enjoy the process instead of being focused on the outcome. Yang is the masculine part of yourself which is goal driven, logical, and more conscious of the end product instead of the present moment. Stepping away from the to-do lists, and enjoying time with family and your partner is a way of turning on the feminine energy within you so you can receive nourishment and replenish your body which will help you to accomplish much more when it comes to returning to your Yang in the morning.

Exercise for the exhausted

Pushing your body to its limits isn’t going to serve you in the long run. Short term satisfaction is just that, short. If your experiencing Adrenal Fatigue steer clear of workouts like hot yoga and HIIT. Work your way back up to these kind of exercises by starting out with walking, doing light restorative yoga, and jogging for shorter durations. If your adrenals are out of wack, this actually sends all your other glands out of wack too. This means that stress can effect your ability to loose weight because when the adrenals fall out of balance, other glands like the Thyroid will compensate. So, even if you think slowing down will slow your results towards achieving your weight goals, it actually will really boost them.

Overall, steering clear of excess stress and giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to function will regulate your hormone production and rebalance your glandular system. Soon, you’ll be back to feeling sleepy by 10pm and rising happily with the sun the following morning. Give your body time to heal and you will be pleased with the increase in productivity and focus later to come.

Xx Mindy Sheppard

Red Moon or White Moon Cycle

In ancient cultures, there were two menstrual cycles celebrated as the Red Moon Cycle, and the White Moon Cycle. With the ruler of the Roman Empire being Constantine, many of women in powerful positions were made to look as though they were evil in order to maintain the order and preserve the patriarch. They were called witches and burned alive, when in actuality they were simply herbalists and women who practiced medicine and healing modalities. Constantine was concerned that if women knew their power they could disassemble his reign, and therefore also threw out many writings from the bible which included women in power. This means that women who were bleeding in tune with the Red Moon Cycle were recognized by many as dark, and evil women.

To be aligned with the Red Moon Cycle, a woman would ovulate during the New Moon, and bleed on the Full Moon. Energetically speaking, this goes against the grain being that the most fertile moon cycle would be the Full Moon, and the least is the New Moon. What this means for the woman experiencing this is that her darkness she experiences during her menstrual cycle is brought out into the fertile world through her artistic expressions, healing work, and magick. These women are truly the wisdom keepers, medicine women, and shamanesses of their community, and it is obvious why a Patriarch would feel threatened by such a woman of high degree and try to make it shameful to align with the Red Moon Cycle.

As for the women in tune with the White Moon Cycle, they are most fertile during the Full Moon and menstruate during the New Moon. Their energy is in line with the patterns of the moon as they feel the most energy to bring their desires into life during the fullest phase which the moon also is most ripe and ready for harvest, then their energies turn inward just as the energies of the moon are during the New Moon. These women are the nurturing type, caring for their loved ones, nourishing their spouse and children, and taking care of the home. In the patriarchy, these women are most cherished because they naturally love to tend to their men and children instead of seeking artistic and eccentric endeavors. This though does not mean that these women are any less than the women of the Red Moon Cycle, and vice versa. Each woman is an expression of the divine feminine energy of the Cosmic Mother and the Magdalene.

Throughout a woman’s life, she may experience many transitions where her cycle takes place in different placements of the lunar cycle. It’s interesting to pay attention to this and take note of the different passions and desires which you are seeking during that time. Are you seeking spiritual enlightenment, passion, sensuality, and feminist activism? Or maybe you are seeking a happy home life, beautiful devoted love with your partner, and the pleasures of watching children grow. Take note of how your cycle links up to these recognized cycles.

To each woman expressing her divinity, much love and blessings.

Xx Mindy Sheppard

AFFIRMATIONS for your positive growth

Affirmations are an essential tool that will assist you in sculpting your brain to create new, positive neural pathways and break free of the repetitious negative patterns you may have been falling into for so long. It’s so easy to fall into these negative thought patterns in a world that profits off of our insecurities and generates business from our feelings of scarcity within ourselves. It creates a fragmentation within us, as we begin to believe that we are not enough and that we need to buy into whatever they are selling in order to be accepted. Hurtful words and discrimination, illusions of separation and hierarchy are the cause of our need for an excellent and efficient tool that will help us to return to our higher state of knowing and nourish our minds with the eternal sunshine of happiness and self loving beliefs.

How Affirmations Work

When you think a thought, or take an action the brain shoots out an electric impulse and in turn creates a new neural pathway. Now that this pathway is created, it is easier for the brain to follow into this same path the next time it is possible to use it, versus taking a new route and making a new pathway. This is efficient and beneficial if the pathway serves your life in a way which works for you, but if not, it is easy to stay stuck in a rut of making the same poor choices because it feels easier. If you take the time to observe the negative patterns you naturally have been falling into, you can use positive affirmations to reprogram them. Some common negative patterns may be: having judgmental thoughts about yourself or others, lazy habits, limiting beliefs that create scarcity, poor diet and exercise choices, apathetic beliefs about your life, depressive and hopeless thoughts, anxious thoughts that cause you to become worked up easily, fears of success, fears of anything, paranoid thought patterns, addictive behaviors, and so many more beliefs that can be observed through meditation and doing the inner work within yourself to analyze and conclude what is no longer serving your highest good.

Using Affirmations to Heal Your Mind

By pin pointing a negative pattern or belief you’d like to release by targeting it with an affirmation, you will tailor that affirmation to announce to yourself the opposite is true. So if you have a belief about money that causes you to live out of abundance, you may use the affirmation “I find abundance in everything which is in front of me, and feel immense gratitude for all my blessings.” The most important factor of this process is to be able to vibrationally connect to and fully believe in from your core that the affirmation you are speaking is true right now. If you were to use the affirmation “I will recieve a large amount of abundance tomorrow when I complete this business deal,” you are actually continually placing your abundance into the never happening tomorrow instead of the now, and now is all that exists energetically. Also, you are limiting the ways which the Universe will be able to deliver the abundance into just one business deal. Therefore, using “I am,” and “I feel” statements are best for attracting whatever you wish to exist into this present moment. Another factor to be conscious of when creating the perfect mantra for you is to remember that only when you fully believe the mantra at the core of your being can it become true for you. If not, it will feel contradictory to all that you already know in your brain. For example, using the same situation as in the last example, if you tell yourself “I am rich and have loads of money and wealth in every aspect of my life,” but actually feel very poor and know that currently you do not have much money at all, it will be contradicting what you know and will not allow you to vibrationally meet up with the words which you are saying. Instead, find that which you do already feel blessed to have and speak in your affirmations gratitude which you do truly feel towards those blessings, and announce that you have abundance in these blessings. Then, you will be granted more.

Repeating the same affirmation over and over, or using multiple affirmations and stating them aloud are both amazing ways to transform your brain into a healthy and blissful home for your consciousness. Repeat the affirmations when your driving to work, getting dressed, or any other time you feel is appropriate. You can also record yourself saying any affirmations you would like to use, then play them as you sleep at night. This will allow the mind to integrate these beliefs even more easily because the conscious mind will be relaxed and the unconscious mind in turn will be more susceptible to being altered. Also, hearing your own voice is more affirming and trustworthy for your brain to believe it and integrate it, so recording your own affirmations is absolutely potent for growth.

Below are some examples of affirmations for you to integrate, but please be so inspired as to create your own and use those as well. If any of these don’t feel right for you, discard them and use the ones that make you feel truly aligned with your mind, body, and soul.

Affirmations for Self Love

“I feel beautiful, conscious, pure, and vibrant with every movement and breath I take, I am full.”

“I see God in myself, I see Goddess in myself, I am the infinite and I am divine.”

“My mind is my greatest fan and cheers me on along my path through life.”

“Within my self I feel at home.”

“I know all that I need resides within me, all the beauty, pleasure, and abundance.”

“All that I admire in others, are qualities I myself have attained.”

“My mind, body, and soul are in alignment.”

“I am the most powerful force in my own life, and my will is aligned with the most high.”

Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity

“I feel the wealth that all my blessings have embellished my life with.”

“I know I am worthy of all the success life has brought me and continues to bring me.”

“I am a vessel that flows within the current of prosperity as I give and receive in perfect harmony.”

“I am open to receiving the luxuries which my life’s work rewards me.”

“I am allows supported, secured, and nourished by my life’s fruit.”

Affirmations for Cultivating Compassion

“I respect and love all living things as they are a mirror for me which will help me to grow.”

“I am full of loving kindness and aim to serve humanity in it’s growth towards consciousness.”

“Everything I do, and all the words I speak are full of love and kindness.”

“I do not impose my power onto other, instead I lift them up and inspire them with my confidence and courage.”

“I seek to understand, not to compete.”

“Through others, I find myself. Everyone can teach me something.”

Affirmations for Health and Vitality

“I am strong and capable of overcoming any hardships.”

“My body is extremely capable of renewing it’s health and vitality.”

“I feel gratitude for my wellness and the life that runs through my vessel.”

“My mind is a welcoming, and loving place where positive thoughts are reinforced.”

“I am nourished and nurtured and know that my sense of comfort is provided for by the Universe.”

“I radiate warmth with my presence as my glow of health emanates from deep within my core.”

“My aura is clear and light, and filled with love that attracts more happiness into my life.”

As you begin to use these affirmations, I want to stress the importance of using them consistently. Spending 10 minutes a day saying any given affirmation for a duration of a month you can expect to manifest some divine outcomes. If you have extra time on your hands, like a long drive maybe, spend that whole time using these powerful statements to amplify your potential. You will reap the benefits when harvest time rolls around and may be laughing with the beautiful serendipity that will unfold as thing’s seamlessly fall into place for you.

Xx Mindy Sheppard.

What is this Disease Trying to TEACH Me?

“Most people would rather die than change.” -Lynn V. Andrews

Like all things in the physical realm, disease is also a powerful symbol of what’s occurring deeply into the subtler energy fields and the electric and heat detectable fields of the mind and emotional body. The truth is, things don’t just happen for no rhyme or reason. Science wouldn’t allow it. Although, there are diseases with causes undetectable to modern science advances and still this does not mean that the natural world has created a glitch. This only means our modern-day technology has yet to rise to a platform of being capable of explaining the cause which is now left hidden to the eyes. There are cases where disease is easy to describe, and prescribe with a solution such as Diabetes type 2 for example. The cause is usually relating to poor diet and lack of exercise and the solution lies in learning the lesson that is presented to you which is to be more conscious of your lifestyle choices. Although, there are some diseases that fall on to the healthiest person’s lap which feel impossible to understand. How do you explain a 35 year old woman eating a plant-based diet, who exercises daily, and enjoys the outdoors being diagnosed with cancer? What is there to learn from this situation, and how can you find the lesson so that you can heal?

First off, I’d like to say I do not have any medical answers for you of treatments that will cure, or a magical pill which will solve all your problems. And nor do I want you to seize treatment of whatever you are working on with your doctor if you are currently suffering from a medical anomaly, but rather continue working with them while integrating a new philosophy to your perception and see how it may work for you.

The Karmic Energetic Imprint and the Bigger Picture

Children get cancer, baby’s have inoperable tumors, and healthy women receive diagnoses for breast cancer all the time. Holistically speaking, this doesn’t just happen though. First there must be an imprint in the energy of the individuals auric field which has karmically bonded them with this ailment.

Unfortunately, sometimes the Universe has a greater plan and therefore the lesson like in many babies with heartbreaking illnesses may be to teach the parents a lesson of letting go, or bring the parents closer together as they are able to see what truly matters. This is a difficult lesson and my heart personally breaks for any one having to experience this for their growth. If science could calculate the entirety of the Universe, I’m sure we would have a full explanation of the reason this occurred but this is unavailable to us and we must choose to have hope instead and believe in a higher purpose.

What belief have you picked up that is preventing you from living in health?

As for many seemingly healthy women or men being diagnosed with disease, you have to ask yourself if the life you’re living is truly satisfying you, do you want to be here and continue to live? Do you believe somewhere in your heart that you don’t deserve health, or have you have attached yourself to an idea of working towards health rather than living in it? These are questions that bring you to the energetic root of the issue and what many Shamanic healing approaches would like to direct you to in order to heal from the energetic confines you may be putting on yourself which allow the body and mind to fall out of wack in turn.

Have you been listening to the signs that spirit and your body have been signaling to you as you have descended into a state away from health? You may be eating healthy, exercising, and staying away from toxic chemicals in products and the environment but have you become overly stressed by your work and allowed it to take away from you a part of your liveliness? Do you allow yourself to fall into self pity and sadness often at night wishing you wouldn’t have to be here and deal with these things? If any of these things are true to you, you have created an energetic imprint on your aura which karmically bonds you to loosing your health and liveliness. To heal from the physical disease you must heal and cut the cord of this inner and hidden desire you have to not being in your optimal health and vitality.

Where and when did you pick up this belief?

In order to heal this energetic imprint, you must look within yourself to see where and when you picked up this belief about your health. Did you pick it up as a learned behavior from family growing up? Your family may have only ever eaten poorly and exercised infrequently and now you suffer from the consequences. Or maybe you picked up this belief when you were showed repetitively in your life that you were not worthy of love by those you loved deeply such as family members, friends, or romantic partners and therefore you’ve adopted this belief as your own as you’ve decided you are not worthy of your own love and so you won’t take care of your body as you should. If allow this belief to take hold of you it is truly taking your life energetically, and soon, physically. This is how manifestation works between the world or metaphysics, and the world of matter which is truly just one interconnected world.

Releasing this belief as a lesson learned

Now that you’ve asked yourself what your belief is that caused you to loose your health, and have also asked yourself where and when you’ve adopted this belief, you should be able to come to a point of understanding that you are able to forgive yourself of attaching to this belief and allow it to be released since it is no longer serving you any good and you have learned what it is trying to teach you. Allow yourself to notice feelings of lightness, and subtle changes in your vitality over the next weeks and months. Taking note and giving thanks for each positive blessing that will now be available to you. As you notice these positive changes in your health, you will experience even more. You should be patient though, as the energy has now been lifted to a higher vibration your environment and body will strive to meet up with that vibration at the height it now is. But, it didn’t take overnight to manifest the physical ailment you have been attached to so you should expect that it will be a process to align back with this new state of higher vibrational living. You should expect to crave things that are good for your mind, body, and spirit, and begin to be repelled by the negative though patterns, negative habits, and negative choices or people you once were attracted to energetically. In time, your body will meet up with your mind and spirit in the new beautiful positive and unified place they will all reside together.

Healing from the root of the suffering is the only way to end it and begin to live again. Practicing the teachings of ancient cultures that have learned to work with the subtler realms will surely allow you to experience the fullness of the teaching within your own life. As within so without, and with that I’d like to wish you well.

Xx Mindy Sheppard

How to Balance and Heal the Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, also known in Sanskrit as the Sahasrara Chakra is the energy center located at the crown of the skull that when opened and unblocked allows one to understand the interconnection between the Self and everything else in the Universe. This energy center allows you to understand that everything happens for a reason, so that something else can happen. It allows you to tap into the power of synchronicity and become more wise to the butterfly effect. With this center being receptive, you can tune into channel guidance from higher sources of being and recognize “angel numbers” and signs from the Universe easily as you live purposefully. If you feel a disconnection from the Infinite, Brahman, God, or the the Universe thinking you are alone in this and not divinely supported, you are being urged to awaken this chakra. As this chakra is located at the crown of the skull, the energy of it should be dancing through the cells surrounding it’s placement. This means if you experience mental fog, other neurological disorders, night terrors, trouble with memory, and headaches you are experiencing this due to an energetic block too long ignored that has now manifested into a physical ailment so you can learn from it and heal it. Also, since the chakra is linked to the Pituitary Gland, any disease relating to that gland such as issues with your entire glandular system (the Pituitary Gland is known as the “Master Gland” and responsible for sending signals to your entire glandular system), Cushing’s disease, or Hypopituitarism is linked to an energetic blockage here. If you find yourself suffering from any of these ailments, please seek the help of a doctor immediately and work with the chakra balancing alongside your doctor’s recommended treatment. A Doctor of Naturopathy can do wonders when it comes to balancing the glandular systems, organ systems, and energetic system in a holistic way so, I recommend researching your area for an N.D. who’s qualified to treat these disorders.

The Sahasrara Chakra resonates at the frequency of the color violet, and the mantra that corresponds to the chakra is “AH.” Chanting this mantra 108 times along with doing the following exercise will help you to reduce feelings of isolation, enhance spiritual connection, channel wisdom, and begin to understand that everything is happening just as it should be in divine timing.

Exercise: Visualizing as you breath in and out, an violet lotus flower unfolding and blossoming from your crown. On every in breath you visualize oxygen pouring up into your sinuses and higher into your crown cleaning out the area with new life force. On the out breath chant “AH” and imagine all that no longer serves you leaving with your breath. As the breath releases, see how the violet lotus flower becomes brighter and brighter. Do this 108 times using Mala beads, or until your lotus flower is shining vibrantly and your Crown feels open and blissful.

Essential oils can be an excellent tool in anointing the physical body and simultaneously clearing any blockages in your energy by stimulating feelings relating to the chosen aroma. The olfactory gland is responsible for two things, smell and memory. With this connection, aroma can trigger reactions in the brain and create feelings of connection and blissfulness. Sold at your local health food store or apothecary, I recommend trying Lavender, Rose, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Exercise: Carry one of these essential oils with you throughout your day and when you feel isolation, inability to understand the bigger picture, or the need for some guidance from the divine drop 1 drop into your palms and inhale deeply for 5 seconds, then exhale for a count of 5 seconds. Repeat this 7 times or until your Crown Chakra feels connected to Source. You can also purchase an essential oil diffuser and allow the aroma to fill your home or office. 

Mastery of the Crown Chakra comes from “spiritualizing the energy center” as Cyndi Dale, author of “The Complete Book of Chakra Healing” has stated. This means that through the tasks of the Crown Chakra such as learning that everything is happening as it should be for your growth, and that you are never truly alone, you are able to find a sense of connection to spirit by doing and learning from these lessons. If you haven’t mastered the six chakras below the Crown, I recommend working your way up by reading these articles below in order:

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For more information about the 7 chakra system most commonly known in the west read my article by clicking here. I also recommend listening to binaural beats as you sleep that help to program your body, mind, and spirit to align and balance your Crown Chakra. Meditative Mind and Nu Meditation Music on YouTube have amazing binaural beat tracks for each chakra or even all 7 that you can play as you sleep at night. Also, with a quick search on YouTube of “guided meditations for the Crown Chakra” you will find an array of meditations which you will find extremely beneficial as you start to connect to the greater essence of life and awaken your Crown Chakra.

by: Mindy Sheppard