How to use sage to cleanse your aura

How to use sage to cleanse your aura, and why energy clearing is so important to attract miracles and happiness into your life through the law of attraction.

Energy Clearing

Energy cleansing is crucial to obtaining optimal health and wellness especially when finding yourself in highly stressful environments like the corporate world, traffic jams, and the like. The first thing that falls out of balance is your energy, next comes your mind and emotions, then finally your physical body falls into disease or illness after enduring longer periods of mental or emotional distress. If we can maintain a healthy aura, we can maintain a healthy mind, heart, and body as well.

The Aura

The aura serves as a protection from lower energies, just as long as your aura is radiant and balanced with vibrancy of the 7 main chakras. If your aura is vibrating as a high frequency, the law of attraction then allows you to attract only high vibe situations and people into your auric field. If you’d like to learn more ways to raise your vibration check out my post Vibrate Higher. So, let’s bring your awareness now to the ways in which we can return to a bright, positive aura in the modern world using some ancient, and sacred tools to do so.

The Science of Sage

Sage is an herb, I’m sure you’ve familiarized with briefly, that is spiritually used as a tool so cleanse the energy and help to clear any blockages as it releases negatively polarized ions that fill up the air and send out a message to your body to put you into a more uplifted mood. Sage is also extremely anti-bacterial and kills off bacteria floating around in the air you breath. Our ancestors have always known intuitively the benefits of this herb, and now we are able to access scientific evidence that affirms their intuition. Now, you have more of an understanding on this herb let’s move forward into how to use it as smoke medicine in order to cleanse your own aura and allow you to vibrate higher.

  1. Buy a White Sage bundle, or a Smudging kit from your local apothecary or metaphysical shop.
  2. Prepare your surroundings by opening a window, and grabbing a lighter, and a dish to suffocate the embers in once you are done using the sage.
  3. Prepare your mind by setting an intention. You can use your own, or simply state to yourself: “I consciously release all negative blockages from my auric field to be transmuted into light.”
  4. Light the sage bundle carefully and begin to wave the sage smoke around your body lingering in areas you feel may be stagnant or blocked until you feel ready to move along to the rest of your body.
  5. Suffocate the embers, and thank yourself for taking this short amount of time to show a tremendous amount of self love!

Enjoy the enhanced state of being by taking the time after energy clearing to meditate, practice breath work, journal, paint, or practice yoga.

Love and light 🖖🏼

Mindy Sheppard

Harvest Moon and Mabon Magick

Harvest Moon and Mabon Magick

As Mabon, or the Autumn Equinox takes hold this week beginning on Saturday September 22, 2018, we begin to dive into the energies of this abundant season through GRATITUDE. Two days following the Autumn Equinox is the Harvest Moon on September 24. The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox and has also been named this because of the harvest season, farmer’s tend to their crops now and gather all that they worked so hard to grow all summer long under this bright and glowing moonlight.

Family, friendships, and the home space become the focus. Cherishing those gifts we can easily begin to see more of them come into our hearts and lives. This fruitful harvest energy can be channeled into our own auras by harnessing it through ritual and gratitude practices. Giving thanks for what has already been blessed to you will allow you to notice even more of it to come.

With friends or alone, I encourage you to take the time to count your blessings, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. A simple ritual I used to bring together my friends and family is to decorate mason jars with red ribbon, and cut leafs out of red, orange, and yellow construction paper to go inside your jar. Spritz the papers with a fall aroma of essential oils like clove, cinnamon, or pumpkin spice. Next, write detailed notes of your blessings, one on each leaf. Take turns sharing in your own words out loud what your blessing is, and why it matters to you and lastly, drop it into your jar with a kiss. Feeling is one component of the alchemy which will create more blessings in this ritual. When you feel grateful for what you have, you attract more of that pure, potent feeling of richness. In which ways you will receive that richness, is to the universe to decide.

Enjoy this time, the subtle energy is bursting with warmth and movement. As the leaves begin to change colors into their ripest states of deep red and burnt oranges, so will you. Take it in before the leaves fall, allowing death to clear way for new growth.

Moon Blessings!

Mindy Sheppard

Goddess Ritual Bath for the PISCES Full Moon

Photo by @cosmiccollage

Blessings everyone!

Today I felt inspired to share a beautiful and simple ritual to celebrate the Pisces full moon on Sunday, August 26th, 2018. This bath can be incorporated for any of the full moons as well, but is most potent when working with water signs. I have my sun sign, as well as several other planets in Pisces, so this full moon is a favorite of mine. Although, it can get a bit emotional.

Pisces full moons give us the opportunity to grow emotionally, becoming more in tune with our feelings, but not allowing them to make all of our decisions for us. A great way to tune into our emotional body is through the element water, and so the bath ritual is a perfect tool to sink into the present state of your feels, and discern which situations and people you may need to let go before they drain you. Then, to release it all at the peak of the full moon as it begins to wane towards a new moon once more. Full moon’s are your harvest, and as you harvest you must clear away to start anew. With that being said, let’s begin spell crafting our ritual bath so that we can release and start fresh too.

Photo by Deborah Hanekamp @mamamedicine

Create the ambience:

    Fill the tub with warm to hot water, and sprinkle in some Epsom salts, Magnesium Chloride, or Bath Detox Clay.
    Burn some White Sage in your bathroom, intentionally clearing the energy of the area and then clearing your own aura. Pisces has the tendency to become empathic and take on other people’s stresses. Take this time to cut any cords of attachment and let go of any of these negative ties.
    Light your candle, preferably blue or white, and place it near your bath.
    Sprinkle in some of your favorite herbs, or drop in some essential oils that help to calm the nerves and bring you present into your emotional body such as Rose Petals, Motherwort, Lavender, Chamomile, and Eucalyptus.
    Play some binaural beats by clicking here to set the vibe for your meditation that will follow. The link is for 417 Hz, which is excellent for clearing subconscious blocks and negative energy.

Do the Inner Work:

    Sink into your Goddess Bath, and take a few deep breaths. Center yourself as you check in with your mental state, emotional state, and then follow with a body scan. Do not judge or try to change whatever you notice, just observe.
    You will be going in deep to meditate on your unconscious habits, limiting beliefs, and patterns. Pisces is the reclusive sign of solitude, and is ruled mostly by the unconscious so this is a common time to feel extra illogically emo, it doesn’t matter though that it makes sense or not to the conscious mind because that’s just how the unconscious does it’s thing. It shows you your truest desires, whether you consciously know that they are bad for you or not. Meditate on these blocks by addressing each chakra and unlocking unconscious limitations, then releasing them by trusting that now you have brought consciousness to the unconscious.
    Address the Root Chakra, any limiting beliefs regarding sense of security, financial stability, and safety.
    Address the Sacral Chakra, any limiting beliefs regarding expression of sensuality, sexuality, and passion for life.
    Address the Solar Plexus Chakra, and any limiting beliefs regarding confidence, courage, sense of self, and will power.
    Address the Heart Chakra, and any limiting beliefs towards love, relationships, respect for others, and compassion.
    Address the Throat Chakra, and any limiting beliefs regarding expression of creativity, speaking your truth, expressing your truth clearly and effectively, and the balance of listening and speaking.
    Address the Third Eye Chakra, and any limiting beliefs regarding trusting your intuition, being open and receptive to new ideas and outcomes, and being able to positively visualize and see the world that is and is to come.
    Address the Crown Chakra, and any limiting beliefs regarding your sense of connection to the creator, all life, and knowledge of oneness.
    Take several deep breaths as you then analyze and observe your new mental state, emotional state, and do another body scan. Observe and note any emotions or recurring thoughts that popped up during the meditation.
    Finalize the meditation by chanting “OM” 3 times, and setting your intention to leave behind all that you have released.

Soak a little while longer, if you will. But you have completed some soul work that will help you align with the current moon phase and advance into your own personal spirituality. Love and light always!

Mindy Sheppard

Shrooms with Superpowers as Caffeine Replacements

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As I’ve written about before in my article Why I Stopped Consuming Caffeine, caffeine can tire the adrenals therefore those more sensitive to inflammation and anxiety should steer clear; but that’s not so easy for some of us who wake up before the sun does and are accustomed to running off of 3 cups of coffee a day. I’m so happy to say that there are sustainable sources of energy to use as alternatives for your morning cup of joe. Let’s talk about them.

Medicinal Mushrooms. They are what you’ve been searching for. Simply spoken, they are shrooms with super powers. They help the body in numerous ways to cope with stress in a more productive way. This is major brownie points in the eyes of your adrenal glands! Less negative stress responses equals less inflammation. This means the whole body is going to function more harmoniously.

One remarkable and noteworthy adaptogenic fungi is Cordyceps. Cordyceps are beautiful at stimulating the body’s natural production of energy so you can keep a steady amount of it throughout your day, unlike caffeine which gives you the jitters and then sends you falling into depletion. This is best for tasks that require a great deal of physical energy.

Shop my favorite Cordyceps product from Four Sigmatic by clicking here.

Another mushroom to mention is Lion’s Mane. Lion’s Mane is excellent for mental clarity, focus, and memory improvement, to get the reading, writing, and learning done effectively and break through brain fog.

Shop my favorite Lion’s Mane product from Four Sigmatic by clicking here.

On top of all of those shrooms, juicing has been an incredible source of natural energy for me. I will definitely write more on this topic soon in a later article, but I thought it was qualified for mention in this one as an alternative source of fuel. All the nutrients within the veggies and fruits hit you at once and liven your cells up sending you into an alert state of being.

Check out the products, try them on for size. See if you can wing yourself off of so much caffeine. It has done wonders for eliminating my anxiety symptoms as well as the way I handle stress.

With love,

Mindy Sheppard

Plant-based CANDIDA Detox

Plant-based Candida Detox

If you follow me along on Instagram, you know that I am currently detoxing to help eliminate the excess candida in my gut. Now, I’m not much interested in juice detoxes, pills, or dry fasting especially because my hormones are easily disturbed by those extremes and I work a strenuous career as a massage therapist and need food to maintain my energy throughout the workday. The safest, and in my opinion most effective way to detox is nutritionally. This route takes longer, and demands your consistency, but sustains results once you’ve integrated the new diet.

Candida Cleanse Diet

As for candida elimination, the nutritional detox diet I’m using is high protein and fat, and lower in my carbohydrates intake in order to limit the amount of carbs turning into sugar and feeding the candida. As a vegan, limiting my carbohydrate intake isn’t going to be easy therefore I have turned away from starches like potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, and corn. These are digested and mostly turn into sugars. Also, eliminating sugar and even natural sugars from fruits is important during this time. Instead of white rice, I turn to brown rice in smaller portions. And beans are a no-go, so I turn to lentils, walnuts, almonds, seeds, and tofu for my protein currently.

A crucial thing to remember as well is to fluctuate what your eating, and to eat all the colors of the rainbow everyday. Most of the time an American diet consists of foods brown, yellow, or white in color (meats, eggs, milk, processed carbohydrates.) So, an example of fluctuating would be if you have oatmeal for breakfast, make sure you eat a very green and colorful lunch and dinner to support the detoxification process. If you drink pressed juice, make sure you are only drinking a green juice with ingredients such as kale, green apples, cucumbers, and the like so to avoid sugary fruits. Water, unsweetened almond milk, some other nut milks (omitting cashew), and unsweetened herbal teas are the only things supportive to be drinking besides a green juice during this cleanse.

Supplements to support your candida cleanse

Spirulina when supplemented can help to reduce candida growth tremendously. Make sure that it is a reputable brand made with clean Spirulina and containing no harsh binders. Buying capsules is a great way to avoid the binders. Also, purchasing a Probiotic will be beneficial to your cleanse. The best ones will be found at a health food store in the refrigerated section. Be sure to look for the products that have the largest variety of strains of probiotics within each serving. Some may say 10 billion strains or even more such as 50 billion. You get what you pay for in this case.

Once symptoms clear, slowly reintegrate some of your favorite fruits and starches back into your diet, but try to remember what you’ve learned from this detox and incorporate the principles into your normal diet so you can maintain results!

Xx Mindy Sheppard

Kundalini and Martinis

Balance friends.

Getting lost in the world of illusion, attachments, addictions, lust, and vanity isn’t an option. That rabbit hole is far too deep to venture down safely. Although, who’s to say that an occasional Martini with your friends is going to lower your vibe if you enter that decision with a high vibrational attitude of non-attachment and joy. Advocating belligerence and escapism is that last thing I ever hope to do, but you can allow anything to be your medicine if in the moment you know for your body it would not be cheating yourself out of vitality.

Take that Kundalini class, be serious about getting to practice, but less serious about the actual practice. Rigidity is a spiritual person’s easiest ego attachment, so be loose. Something that worked for your growth yesterday, may not work tomorrow… because we all know the only constant is CHANGE. And the beauty of this change is that if we can embrace it, we experience more perspectives and release ourselves from judging someone else’s path.

This makes me think of the unhealthy raw vegan who in order to save themselves from Orthorexia and the terrible effects that it can have on the body, should re-evaluate and eat some warm foods… maybe even some fish. Rigidity in beliefs and lifestyles starts from labeling yourself as one thing, like “raw vegan,” and ends in ignoring the signs that your body is sending you in order to keep up this label, or ego attachment regardless of what belief you have to back it.

Know yourself,

Can you have just ONE Martini without craving more and more and more? Can you break your diet in order to return towards more health without falling into an abyss of “I can eat whatever I want so I’m going to binge?” Maybe if you can’t, you need to stay disciplined and strengthen your will so that you can. Maybe you’re healthy with all your current choices and feel you thrive best under a completely clean lifestyle.

Whatever you do, whatever choices you make for your body, mind, and soul, I hope you remove shame, guilt, and apathy from the equation.

Xx Mindy Sheppard

Why it’s Useless to Dim Your Light for Someone Else’s Comfort.

Empathy can go a long way, but when you start tuning into someone else’s insecurities, you may feel responsible for making them feel secure again.

This is counter-productive for your growth as well as their growth. By being a crutch for them, you don’t allow them to tap into their karma and grow past these insecurities by learning the necessary lessons. More so, you are refusing to shine your own light so not to be too much of you to make anyone uncomfortable.

Not being too much of you?

But lo, you are you. Falling into inauthenticity to spare someone of suffering (aka karma blocking them) is you giving them your power. Uncentering from who you are to be less of you, it’s a mental disease plaguing the people pleasing women of the world…the way we were raised to be; kind, nurturing, self-sacrificing. There are men who fall into this trap as well, but it is mostly the women who were raised as girls to be sweet, charming, and pressured to please.

This paradigm is shifting, as women resist and turn their paths against the grain. Standing strong and proud of who they are in all of their entirety, no matter who is around. It’s not boisterous, it’s not the opposite of humble, but it’s not catering to everyone else’s needs before your own either.

Be nurturing, be loving, but not to those who take your power from you in the meantime or who force you to be less of you for their own comfort. Be you.

♥️ Mindy

6 Simple Ways to Balance your Hormones

6 Simple Ways to Balance your Hormones

Symptoms such as PMS, insomnia, headaches, PCOS, menstrual cramping, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, loss of appetite, emotional eating, acne, and many other issues are generally originating from an imbalance in your hormone levels. When one gland is thrown off by an imbalance, it sets the entire glandular system into disharmony. For example, if you are imbalanced in your adrenals because of overworking yourself, this in time can cause your other glands to fall out of order as well and release too much or too little of the hormone that they should be regulating. Fortunately, there are ways to address these symptoms and bring you back to homeostasis without popping a birth control pill to place a bandaid over the problem and eventually cause infertility issues and many other issues. Let’s take a look at these solutions to get you on the right path towards healing and restoring your glandular system.

1. Don’t over exercise/ under exercise.

Overdoing your workouts can actually cause a stress response on the body, signaling your adrenals to pump out the hormone cortisol. This hormone is great for waking you up in the morning from your slumber, but when experiencing unnecessary stressful situations it can cause inflammation in the body as well as sending your nervous system from parasympathetic, into sympathetic. This means that instead of healing the tissues of the body and digesting food properly, the body will be halting those tasks in order to focus on survival. This has been known to actually cause weight gain or plateau your results. Conversely, under-exercising deprives your body of a natural release of endorphins. Endorphins help to signal the brain to relieve pain and boosts your mood. Balance is key, so listen to your body. If you’re feeling sluggish, choose a laid back workout for the day like yoga. If you have lots of energy, try HIIT or running.

2. Be in bed at the same time every night, and be waking up at the same time every morning.

This one is key to healing insomnia or adrenal fatigue! Be sure to make your alarm the same every day, even if you don’t have work or anything to be up for. Just as you should be in bed at the same time every evening, regardless of if you will fall right to sleep or not. If you are tired of not being able to settle down at night, or not being able to pull yourself out of bed in the morning, this is something to be strict with. The body is very receptive to ritual in the matters of sleep.

3. Limit your intake of sugar.

Blood sugar fluctuation causes a variety of issues within your body. Your pancreas will react in the way it knows how to, and that means storing excess sugars. As for your mood, well… you will be crashing and burning frequently. This leads to inflammation and exhaustion. Limiting consumptions of sugar is a solution, switching to low-glycemic options like Agave, and Stevia are wonderful replacements.

4. Avoid harsh chemicals found in beauty products and house hold cleaning products.

Many beauty products have estrogen replicating ingredients that are absorbed by the skin and mistaken for actual estrogen by your body. This causes the body to produce less of the real hormone since it has registered the extra intake of these replicators. Avoid products containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Sodium Laureth Sulfates, Parabens, Frangrance or Parfums, synthetic dyes, Triclosan, Toulene, and Formaldehyde at all costs. Makeup brands like Physicians Formula, and 100 Percent Pure are great alternatives, as well as Alba Botanica and Burt’s Bees for shower gels, face washes, lotions, chap sticks, and creams.

Cleaning products like Lysol, Windex, Clorox, and Ajax have many toxic chemicals that if breathed in, consumed, or touched can cause serious issues in the respiratory system as well as the glandular system. Switching to products such as Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyers, or making your own products out of ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Essential Oils, will save you from coming into contact with the harsh ingredients.

5. Eat three square meals, and have nutritious snacks in between. Avoid processed foods.

Ensuring you eat at set times throughout your day will help you to avoid overindulging and shooting your blood sugar through the roof. It’s a sure fire way to curb cravings, especially when you have meal prepped those three meals and have handy some fruit, nuts, and other healthy snacks.

6. Spend some time in the sunshine, and drink lots of water.

This is where the “You’re basically a plant, just with more complicated emotions” saying comes into play. Vitamin D is an excellent aid to relieve insomnia and weight gain. It aids the brain in releasing the proper hormones at the proper times to wake the body up (cortisol) and help it fall asleep (melatonin). This means artificial lighting certainly throws off this balance, so avoid it a couple hours before bed to help you relax at night.

Drinking lots of water is crucial for mood regulation and flushing the body out of excess hormones. Drinking 80 ounces of water a day as a woman, and 105 ounces as a male is a good parameter to go by.

Following these simple integral principles, you can ensue great results and limit the chances of experiencing any symptoms from an out of shape physiology.

By: Mindy Sheppard