Making your mess your message

I recently had a conversation with someone very close to me who was absolutely stumped as to why God, or the Universe, would allow terrible things to happen like terrorist attacks, shootings, or death of children. They were incredibly pained by these terrible acts, just as all sentient beings should be, but in this they were clouded and unable to see the bigger picture. Read More

Walking your path

Hello friends,

While many of my articles have a wellness mind/body element to them, this article is more widespread than any of that. More altruistic, and globally aligned… still beginning with you, the reader.   Read More

Vibrate Higher

“Negativity can only affect you if you are on the same frequency, vibrate higher.”

Good vibrations.

Etheral, yet ultimately all matter vibrates. Every atom, creating every molecule creating every cell creating every tissue creating every organ creating every organ system… creating YOU, is vibrating with a steady hum. Read More

10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge

Welcome self-lovers!

If you’re reading this the day I post it, it would be Monday July 17th, 2017 and the beginning of my 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge! Read More